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V Rising Scourgestone guide - How to get and best farming route

Get the most out of your gear and weapons with our V Rising Scourgestone guide, detailing how to get Scourgestone and best farming routes to take.
V Rising Scourgestone guide - How to get and best farming route

Scourgestone is an important item in the mid to late game of V Rising, as it is used to craft Dark Silver Ingots for upgrading your weapons and gear or to do repairs. There are a few ways to find it in the game, and if you're having trouble doing so, then we have you covered with this guide.

We will cover everything you need to know to find Scourgestone and the recipe to craft it yourself. We will also look at the best farming route to find it and the materials needed to craft it once you have the recipe. 

How to get Scourgestone in V Rising

There are currently two ways to get Scourgestone in V Rising; the first is by farming it from enemies that have a chance to drop it. And the second is to obtain the recipe for it by defeating a V Blood boss and collecting the materials needed to craft it yourself. 

V Rising Scourgestone guide How to get and best farming route Get the recipe for crafting Scourgestones by defeating Leandra The Shadow Priestess
To acquire the recipe for Scourgestones, you must defeat Leandra The Shadow Priestess. (Picture: YouTube / Touby__)

To get the recipe for Scourgestone, you will need to defeat Leandra the Shadow Priestess, a level 46 V Blood boss, who can be found in the Church of the Damned to the north of Dunley Farmlands. Once defeated, she will drop the recipe for crafting Scourgestone. 

We recommend defeating the Boss first and getting the recipe for Scourgestone. This is because when you are farming for the stone from enemies that drop it or looting, you can easily find some of the materials needed to craft it. 

The required materials to craft Scourgestone are as follows: 

  • x1 Whetstone - Can be crafted using Copper and Stone Dust, learn more from our guide on how to make whetstone.

  • x3 Glass - Crafted when smelting down Quartz.

  • x3 Grave Dust - Can be crafted when grinding down Bones.

Once you have all the materials you need, along with the recipe, you can begin crafting Scourgestone. You can find all these materials as you farm for Scourgestone as well, and for that, we have found the best farming route available. 

Best Farming Route for Scourgestone in V Rising

To start farming for Scourgestone and collect resources needed to craft it, head to the Cursed Forest and raid the two Ancient Villages there. It's optional whether you want to fight the bosses of these areas, but just ensure that you break every vase, loot every chest and kill every mob to ensure that you collect enough materials to craft Scourgestones. 

V Rising Scourgestone guide How to get and best farming route First stop on the route is two Ancient Villages in the Cursed Forest
There are two Ancient Villages in the Cursed Forest where you can farm for Scourgestones and materials to craft them. (Picture: Mapgenie / Stunlock Studios)

From there make your way down the map and head toward the Church of the Damned, where you fought Leandra the Shadow Priestess. This area is littered with Casters who have a high chance of dropping Scourgestones, and of course, search every corner of this place for materials as you did before. 

V Rising Scourgestone guide How to get and best farming route farm the Dawnbreak village for Scourgestone drops and materials
Lastly, you can farm Dawnbreak Village to get more materials, and the mobs here also chance drop Scourgestones. (Picture: Mapgenie / Stunlock Studios)

The last spot on your farming path is Dawnbreak Village, located southeast of Dunley Farmlands. Once there, head to the monastery and you can find spawns for useful items like Quarts and other materials you'll need. Similar to before, kill all the mobs and search everywhere for loot, and once done, you can head back to your base and respawn the enemies and environment to do it again. 

Another farming strategy is to use a Tomb to spawn a Skeleton Bishop, you can get the recipe to craft Tombs from defeating Goreswine the Ravager, a level 27 boss. Using the Tomb, you can spawn these mobs and slay them for their remains, as they have a high chance of dropping Scourgestones and is an easy process to repeat. 

We would like to thank YouTube Channel Redlaf for their full guide on the best Scourgestone route and how to farm this rare resource. For more of their amazing content, consider subscribing to the channel. 

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Featured image courtesy of Stunlock Studios