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Unlock V Rising Wolf Form - Alpha Wolf Boss Location & Guide

Today we're going to show you how to unlock the Wolf Form in V Rising by locating and defeating the Alpha Wolf V Blood Boss.
Unlock V Rising Wolf Form - Alpha Wolf Boss Location & Guide

During your journey in V Rising to become the undead overlord of Vardoran, you will come across many unique abilities that will lend you strength to dominate your enemies. One of these is the ability to use different Forms for your character, and one of those forms is the Wolf Form.

This guide will outline exactly how to locate and Defeat the Alpha Wolf, a V Blood Carrier. And unlock the Wolf Form as your progress through the world on your journey to become the next Dracula.

How to unlock Wolf Form in V Rising

Unlock V Rising Wolf Form Alpha Wolf Boss Location & Guide The Wolf Form increases speed and is collected when feeding on the Alpha Wolf
Defeating the Alpha Wolf will give you the Wolf Form ability. (Picture: YouTube / Kibbles - (Video Game DataBank))

Unlocking the Wolf Form in V Rising is fairly simple, as all you have to do is defeat one of the V Blood Carriers in the early game. The one you're Looking for is the Alpha Wolf, a level 16 boss that once defeated will net you the Wolf Form.

This form gives players a Speed boost of 45%, and other animals and creatures will not attack you while in Wolf Form. Below we'll give you the details for the exact location of this beast and some of the best strategies you should use to defeat it.

V Rising Alpha Wolf - Location & how to beat

Unlock V Rising Wolf Form - Alpha Wolf Boss Location & Guide The Alpha Wolf map location near Farbane Woods
Players can find the Alpha Wolf using their Blood Altar, but is usually roaming around the cave passage in Farbane Woods. (Picture: YouTube / Kibbles - (Video Game DataBank))

To find the Alpha Wolf, players will need to reach level 20, once you have done this you can use the Blood Alta to start tracking it down. The Alpha Wolf usually roams the area around the cave passage in Farbane Woods, so once you begin tracking it, head towards the cave and you should find it.

As mentioned, players need to be at least at level 20 before taking on this beast, as it can be quite powerful if you are at a low level, but overall this boss fight isn't too tricky. We do recommend that you use a spear when taking it on, to maintain a distance while dealing damage, from there, you should be ready to take it on, and we have a few tips in regards to that.

Firstly, the Alpha Wolf's attacks are a lunging or leaping attack, then a claw or bite attack that it will do more aggressively as it loses health, and lastly, once its health has reduced enough, it will summon two smaller wolves to overwhelm you. You'll want to stay moving during this fight and not take the Alpha wolf on from the front, instead, strafe around it when it attacks and get in a few attacks of your own.

Unlock V Rising Wolf Form Alpha Wolf Boss Location & Guide Players can defat the Alpha Wolf with some simle strategy
The Alpha Wolf is not an impossible boss to defeat, but it can be a challenge in early levels, so be prepared to use some strategy to take it down. (Picture: YouTube / Kibbles - (Video Game DataBank))

Once the Alpha Wolf summons its buddies, take them out first as they can be more annoying and get some cheap shots in, once they're down you can focus on the Alpha Wolf on his own. Once he's alone, he shouldn't be too much trouble for you if you follow our advice above.

Before he's fully defeated, you must feed on the Alpha Wolf and gain the Wolf Form. As mentioned, this gives you increased speed, which is a great bonus in the early game when you perhaps don't have a horse yet. And you will be able to ignore threats from animals and creatures when in this form, so it's a great way to get out of a pinch if some powerful creatures have you on the run at any time.

And there you have our guide on how to unlock the Wolf Form in V Rising. We would like to thank YouTube Channel Kibbles - (Video Game DataBank) for their full video on "V Rising Alpha Wolf location and boss fight guide, how to use wolf form" which helped inform this guide. Please consider subscribing to their channel or more amazing content.

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