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V Rising Alpha Wolf: How To Beat & Unlock Wolf Form

Learn how to unlock Wolf Form in V Rising by locating and defeating the Alpha Wolf V Blood Carrier.
V Rising Alpha Wolf: How To Beat & Unlock Wolf Form

Do you want to learn how to unlock the Wolf Form in V Rising? Good news -- you're in the right place. To unlock this powerful Vampire Power, you'll need to defeat the Alpha Wolf, a Level 16 Blood Carrier that holds the secrets of this form.

However, the question many players want to know is where to find the Alpha Wolf in V Rising. So if you're just as puzzled, don't worry. In this guide, we'll show you exactly how to locate and beat the Alpha Wolf in V Rising to unlock this Shapeshifting Form.

Updated on 19 May 2023: We've updated this page to reflect all the changes in the V Rising: Secrets of Gloomrot update released on 17 May 2023. 

Where To Find Alpha Wolf In V Rising: Location


Since the Alpha Wolf is a roaming Blood Carrier in V Rising, you'll need to track its movements via the V Blood menu. When you do this, you will see a distance indicator displayed to tell you how close (or far) you are from the Alpha Wolf and the direction it is located.

Of course, you could also hunt the boss down by searching around the three Wolf Dens in the area. We've illustrated the three possible Alpha Wolf locations in the image above. But, as you can see, this boss is never located in one particular spot. So, it's best to track its movements via the V Blood menu.

How To Beat Alpha Wolf In V Rising: Unlock Wolf Form

The Alpha Wolf is a Level 16 V Blood Carrier, making it relatively easy to defeat, even with a low Gear Score. Of course, it's best that you first get a strong weapon before running into battle. The Alpha Wolf has only a few attacks. The first is a lunge, followed by a basic attack. These are quite easy to dodge, as you'll notice the Alpha Wolf about to strike you.

The next move occurs after the Alpha Wolf has taken a few hits. It will turn red and do a flurry of attacks. You can rotate around the Alpha Wolf to dodge this attack, but be careful, as it may still hit you. The last attack is the Alpha Wolf summoning two enemy wolves to attack you. They aren't very strong, but it's best to kill them quickly before taking out the Alpha Wolf.

Wolf Form Bonuses

Once you have successfully defeated the Alpha Wolf in V Rising, hold down the F key to extract the V Blood. Extracting blood will give Wolf Form, allowing you to enjoy a 60% movement speed boost while in the form. You may also use a ghostly leap to jump through objects using “Space.” The ability has two charges and an 8s cooldown. Wolf Form is interrupted by damage (except damage over time effects).

how to beat alpha wolf v rising boss guide
The Alpha Wolf is perhaps the easiest V Blood Carrier to beat in V Rising. (Picture: YouTube / Kibbles)

So, in short, the best way to beat the Alpha Wolf in V Rising is to dodge its attacks and land hits on it when it is safe. It is important to do this quickly because the longer the fight, the more likely passerby enemies will be drawn to the area, which could complicate the battle. However, you can use the presence of these enemy mobs to your advantage.

For example, when the Alpha Wolf draws the aggression of nearby enemies, they will fight the V Blood Carrier for you, allowing you to clean up after the fight. This can also be a great way to farm extra resources since the Alpha Wolf will attack those enemies.

And that's how to defeat the Alpha Wolf and unlock the Wolf Form in V Rising. We hope that this guide has been helpful and informative for you. We would also like to thank YouTube Channel Kibbles for their full video walkthrough on finding and defeating the Alpha Wolf.

V Rising Alpha Wolf: How To Beat & Unlock Wolf Form FAQ

Where can I find the Alpha Wolf in V Rising?

The Alpha Wolf roams the main road between the Desecrated Graveyard and the Bandit Encampment near the Cave Passage in V Rising.

How do I defeat the Alpha Wolf in V Rising and unlock the Wolf Form?

Dodge the Alpha Wolf's attacks and land hits when it's safe. Once defeated, extract its V Blood by holding down the F key. To equip the Wolf Form, press the J key, find the paw icon under Vampire Powers, and drag it to the bar.

Can I use nearby enemies to my advantage when fighting the Alpha Wolf in V Rising?

Yes, when the Alpha Wolf draws nearby enemy aggression, they will fight each other, giving you an opportunity to defeat them easily. It's also a way to farm extra resources.