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How To Mount/Ride A Lox In Valheim

Valheim's Hearth and Home update allows you to mount and ride your tamed Lox. Here is how.
How To Mount/Ride A Lox In Valheim

It's been a little longer than most players wanted but Valheim's first major update has arrived with Hearth and Home bringing a number of oft-requested features and mechanics coming to the game.

That includes a brand new combat and inter-connected food and stamina system, upgrades to the game's building mechanics, as well as a number of new weapons and items.

One addition though that is sure to excite more than most is the ability to now ride your tamed Lox.

Mount lox valheim
You can now mount your Lox. (Picture: YouTube / Jade PG)

Previously taming a Lox was more a point of pride than a particularly useful venture, offering you up a supply of meat and Lox fur.

However, now players can build a Lox saddle, mount it on a tamed Lox, and ride it around, it will even help you in battle.

We have previously covered how to tame these beasts, so we will leave the details to that on our previous guide, instead, we will walk you through how to mount your lox once you have it under your control.

How to mount/ride a Lox in Valheim 

To ride your Lox you will first need to source a variety of materials and also craft the Lox saddle.

You will also need to have built a furnace, a spinning wheel and a workbench making this largely an end-of-game venture as both the furnace and spinning wheel require endgame materials and skills.

To craft the Lox saddle you will need:

  • 10 Leather scraps
  • 20 Linen threads
  • 15 Black metal

Head to your tamed Lox, which you can now also give a name to, and equip the saddle. Walk near the saddle and press 'E' to mount it.

Once on the Lox you will see its health (1000) and stamina (250) and you can now walk around with it. 

It is not particularly fast and the controls can feel cumbersome, pressing 'W' will send you in whatever direction the Lox is facing and you will control the direction using your mouse, not the 'A' and 'D' keys like you might expect.

Riding lox valheim
Riding the Lox can be quite cumbersome. (Picture: YouTube / Jade PG)

Some beasts will try and attack your Lox and it will fight back (but only if you come to a standstill), however, the best way to keep your Lox alive is by dismounting and attacking any foes which come your way.


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Feature image courtesy of Iron Gate.