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Valheim: How To Tame Lox

Lox is one of three tamable creatures in Valheim but they take a little more work than the other two animals. Here is how to tame Lox in Valheim.
Valheim: How To Tame Lox

The Plains biome is a dangerous, yet desolate, place in Valheim that’s full of valuable resources and deadly creatures. 

While the Deathsquitos and Fuling will undoubtedly give most players the most trouble, the furry reptilian Lox are also well-known throughout the rolling hills of the Plains. Lox are immediately recognizable thanks to their large stature and unique look. 

Sporting both fur and reptilian features, Lox are not creatures to be trifled with. They’re not as aggressive as other animals in the game but can kill you within seconds if you walk up to them unprepared. 

However, despite their somewhat hostile nature, they can be tamed under the right circumstances. 

Taming Lox in Valheim 

Valheim Lox how to tame
Lox can only be kept in a pen made of stone, not wood. (Picture: Onceuponanoob, Iron Gate)

The other two tamable creatures in Valheim, Boars and Wolves, are much easier to domesticate simply because you can trap them inside of a fence. With Lox, that’s not possible. The hulking reptiles will obliterate any wood structure in front of them, so wood fences are no good. 

If you want to tame a herd of Lox, you’ll need stone walls. This crafting recipe is unlocked by defeating Valheim’s second boss, The Elder, and looting Iron in the Swamp. Once you have Iron, you’ll unlock the Stone Cutter bench and thus, stone buildings. 

When attempting to capture Lox inside of an area, you’ll need to make sure the stone walls you place give enough space for the Lox to roam. They’re huge creatures, so the more space from each wall’s end the better. You can do this relatively easily as long as you don’t get too close to the Lox.

Valheim lox
(Picture: Onceuponanoob, Iron Gate)

Once you have one or two Lox inside of your stone walls, you’ll need to find either barley or cloudberries. Either of these food items will allow you to tame Lox over time, so make sure to have a ton on hand or know where to find some. Barley and cloudberries are both found within the Plains biome though, so you shouldn’t have much trouble finding enough of either. 

Like all of the other taming processes, feed the food to the Lox and eventually, they’ll become domesticated and will no longer be hostile towards you. Once you have at least two Lox in your pen, they’ll be able to breed and you can harvest as many Lox Pelts and meat as you desire.