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Valheim becomes Diablo with Epic Loot mod

Have you ever wished to have those exciting moments when legendary loot drops while you are killing enemies in the tenth Norse world? If yes, then the Epic Loot mod is exactly what you need!
Valheim becomes Diablo with Epic Loot mod

Valheim is a game that offers a lot of exciting moments and small victories that push you to play the game more and more.

One of its biggest appeals is a huge world full of opportunities to explore and create, but what makes it even more exciting are all those mods that the community is already making.

Valheim is a perfect game for modding and many talented community members are already showing their creativity, but the game is still very young and in future, we will surely see a lot of crazy mods that will add all kinds of things to the game and even some total conversion mods.

Right now, many modders are focusing on improvements and quality of life additions, but there are others as well, that are trying to add some new and interesting mechanics for those players who want to play the game in a somewhat different way.

valheim epic loot mod(Picture: Iron Gate/randyknapp)

A modder that goes by the name randyknapp is currently working on a mod called Epic Loot, which adds a loot drop system similar to action hack and slash RPGs, like Diablo.

With this mod, monsters and chests can now drop Magic, Rare, Epic, or Legendary magic items, which puts an interesting twist on Valheim's standard item formula.

As you probably know, in Valheim enemies mostly drop crafting materials, not the equipment itself, and everything you wear you craft for yourself. The biggest focus of Valheim is on crafting, but this mod turns it into a loot-based RPG.

"Each magic item has a number of magic effects on it, that give bonuses to the item or your character when that magic item is equipped," the modder explains.

Currently, there are over 50 magical effects added to the mod, which apply various bonuses to your character, and 10 fully unique Legendary items.

valheim epic loot mod donwload
(Picture: Iron Gate/randyknapp)

Truth to be told, items in Valheim can become dull over time, because they are not unique and there aren't really much of them in terms of diversity. With unique Legendary items, this mod also adds to the narrative experience, not just some new mechanics, as these legendary items will be truly unique and with their own background stories.

The Epic Loot is still in early development and the current version is v0.6.4, but you can still try it right now if you want. For more details and download, check the Epic Loot mod page.