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Valheim: The Best Early-Game Weapon To Use

Surviving in the early going of Valheim is much easier with a dominant weapon. Here is the guide on how to pick the best-to-use early-game weapons in Valheim.
Valheim: The Best Early-Game Weapon To Use

One of the first questions many players have when they first begin to explore Valheim is what weapon they should be using.

Walking around with a Stone Axe isn’t that great of a feeling when you have to go up against level one and two Greydwarves in the Black Forest. So, naturally, players want to find out what weapon they should craft to have the best chance of survival until they reach the Bronze Age of the game. This marks the end of the early game in Valheim.

While it’s certainly up for opinion, we believe there’s one clear-cut weapon that best serves you during your first several hours of the Viking survival title.


Picking the best early-game weapon in Valheim

Your Valheim journey will be cut short without a forceful weapon (Picture: Iron Gate Studios) 

From where we’re sitting, the Stagbreaker is your best bet once you start entering the Black Forest in Valheim. It’s a two-handed Club that doesn’t deal the most damage upfront but is terrific at knocking enemies down, allowing you to finish them much easier.

As with other clubs in Valheim, you hit the ground with the Stagbreaker, creating an earthquake-like event that sends enemies close to you flying. As you continue to pound the ground, the enemies can’t get near you unless you mistime one of your hits. For this reason, it’s hard to argue against this being one of the stronger early-game weapons in Valheim. 

To craft the Stagbreaker, you need to collect Core Wood, which can be found in the Black Forest. Chop Pine trees down, collect the wood, then head back to your base and assemble the weapon by using the following resources: 

  • Core Wood x20
  • Deer Trophy x5
  • Leather Scraps x2

While a bow or simple axe might make more sense with single enemies, the Stagbreaker allows you the ability to rarely get hit and also deal damage to multiple enemies at once.