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Valheim: The Best Club To Use

Clubs are an overpowering weapon in Valheim that deal tons of damage. Here is the guide on how to pick the best club in Valheim.
Valheim: The Best Club To Use

There are some weapons in Valheim that have a certain niche. Whether it’s for up-close combat or dealing specific kinds of damage, most weapons in the game have unique attributes and qualities.

This especially goes for the Club category, which contains the best weapons to deal the most amount of damage. Clubs tend to be extremely heavy and can penetrate the ground to deal Area of Effect damage to any surrounding enemy.

For this reason, Clubs are particularly popular for hordes of enemies that try and gang up on you in large packs. If you’re ever in this situation, there’s one Club that you should be using over all of the others. 

Picking the right Club in Valheim

best club valheim
There’s one Club that stands above the rest in Valheim(Picture: Iron Gate) 

While some players will swear by the Iron Sledgehammer as the best Club in Valheim, it’s not the best-in-class for the Club category. That distinction goes to Frostner, which deals several pieces of hard-hitting damage. 

Frostner possesses the ability to deal Frost, Blunt and Spirit damage, which makes it perfect for any enemy horde in Valheim. The biggest allure of Frostner is the Frost damage though, which slows enemies down, making them easier to hit. You’ll also deal extra damage to undead enemies with the Spirit stat. 

To unlock Frostner, you need to defeat Bonemass, the third boss, and collect the Wishbone to find Silver. Once you’ve done this, head to the Mountains, collect a solid amount of Silver and take down five Drakes to collect five Freeze Glands. In addition to this, you’ll need to visit Haldor, Valheim’s merchant, and buy five Ymir Flesh for 120 coins each.