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Valheim: How To Craft The Porcupine Melee Weapon

The Porcupine is perhaps the strongest melee weapon in Valheim but it takes quite a bit of resource to craft. Here is the guide on how to craft the Porcupine inValheim.
Valheim: How To Craft The Porcupine Melee Weapon

The amount of weapons you can craft in Valheim is a bit daunting and also expansive for an early access title. 

While at first, it might seem like you’re limited to the simple axe, sword, and mace, there are many variations of weapons to start crafting once you unlock certain items. 

However, perhaps at the top of that list is the Porcupine, which is a mace with spikes and a pulsating blue glow. The weapon is unlocked rather late in Valheim but there are ways to craft it before even beating the third boss, Bonemass. Today, we’ll show you what resources you need to acquire the Porcupine and where those resources are located. 

Crafting the Porcupine in Valheim

Porcupine Melee weaponThe Porcupine is an extremely strong weapon in Valheim. (Picture: Iron Gate AB)

To start your journey of obtaining the Porcupine, you’ll need to have access to the Swamp biome at least. This requires the Elder’s defeat so you can open Sunken Crypts and mine for Iron. 

If you don’t have any additional Iron on hand, you’ll need to grab 20 pieces of Scrap Iron from the crypts and bring it back to your base. 

Next, you’re going to likely need a ship, with the Longship being the most preferred method of travel. We’ve covered how to craft the Longship in a previous article. However, if you don’t have the resources for a Longship, a Karve is likely suitable enough. 

After you have your ship, sail the open ocean until you reach the Plains biome. Traditionally, you’re not supposed to go to the Plains until you defeat Moder, the fourth boss, in the Mountains. However, if you have fully upgraded Iron gear then you should be able to survive the Plains. 

Once you’ve reached the biome on boat, search for Deathsquitos and Fuling Villages. From the deadly mosquitoes, you’ll need five Needles, which are a rare drop. If you’re having trouble defeating the annoying buggers, our guide on Deathsquitos will show you the best way to tackle them. 

In regards to the Fuling Villages, you’re searching for Flax, which can be turned into Linen Thread. Fuling Villages are occupied by Fuling and are tough to take on in groups, so retreat if many come at you at once. Though, if you’ve beaten them, search the village’s ground for Flax. 

Porcupine melee weapon2
The crafting recipe for the Porcupine. (Picture: Iron Gate AB)

After you find some, take it to a Spinning Wheel to turn it into Linen Thread. The full crafting recipe for the Porcupine will then be unlocked. You can see the recipe below: 

  • Fine Wood x5
  • Iron x20
  • Needle x5
  • Linen Thread x10

Once the crafting recipe is unlocked, you’ll need a level 4 Forge to craft the Porcupine. If you have the Forge upgraded, then congratulations, you now own one of the more powerful weapons in Valheim