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Valheim: How To Get Barley And Flax

Barley and Flax are two of the most advanced resources in Valheim but both are relatively easy to obtain. Here is how to get Barley & Flax in Valheim.
Valheim: How To Get Barley And Flax

Valheim is split up into five different biomes, each containing different resources and level of enemies. 

You start in the Meadows and from there, are expected to defeat each biome’s boss in order to advance to the next one. While you certainly can skip some bosses, you’ll find your gear isn’t strong enough to survive the elements and wildlife most of the time. 

As such, some of the resources locked away in the late-game biomes can be hard to come by for players who are on the second or third boss. This directly applies to Barley and Flax, which is required to make high-level food and armour. 

If you’re a late-game player looking for the materials or an early-game player that simply wants to know where they are, keep reading below for the details. 

Finding Barley and Flax in Valheim 

valheim biomesThe Plains is the fifth biome in Valheim. (Picture: Iron Gate)

To find both Barley and Flax, you need to find the Plains biome. This is the deadliest biome in Valheim, so you’ll need at least Iron gear to have a chance of surviving. 

Once in the Plains, look for a Fuling Village, which is a small town patrolled by the Fuling, small goblin-like creatures. Try to clear out all of the Fuling and then search the ground for seeds. Most of the time, the seeds will be Barley but there should be some Flax lying around as well. 

Currently, Fuling Villages are the only place to get either of these resources. Fuling themselves aren’t difficult but in packs, they can be quite deadly.

Once you have Barley or Flax, you can then use other items to further expand the resources. For Barley, you can make Flour using a Windmill. Flour is a key ingredient in making food like Blood Pudding, Bread and Lox Meat Pie. 

valheim resources
(Image: Iron Gate)

For Flax, you need a Spinning Wheel in order to turn it into Linen Thread. This material is used in creating a plethora of items such as the Black Metal Axe, Sword, etc., the Linen Cape and Padded Armor.

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