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Valheim: How To Find Guck And What It’s Used For

The Swamp biome in Valheim is home to plenty of creepy enemies and resources but the creepiest might be Guck. Here is the guide on how to find Guck in Valeheim and what it is used for.
Valheim: How To Find Guck And What It’s Used For

If you’ve ventured into the Swamp biome of Valheim, you’ve most likely spotted Ancient Trees with a green-glowing sack attached to them. 

At first glance, these green sacks seem like nothing more than background decor for Valheim’s strangest biome. However, they actually contain Guck, a fairly important resource that’s an ingredient in one of the game’s most dominant weapons. 

Although, the one problem with these Gucksacks is that they’re extremely high off the ground and seemingly unreachable. If you’re struggling to obtain the sticky resource, fear not, as we have a solution for you to acquire Guck in Valheim. 

Finding and using Guck in Valheim 

Valheim Guck
Guck is a key element to crafting a powerful weapon in Valheim. (Picture: ESO, Iron Gate)

Simply by entering the Swamp in Valheim, you should see a plentiful amount of Guck straight away. All you need to do is look midway up the scattered Ancient Trees and you’ll eventually see several of the green sacks. 

Before you head to the Swamp though, you’re going to want to bring a few items. The first item is a stack of at least 50 Wood. More is preferable but not required, as you’re going to do some building in the Swamp. You’ll also want some kind of weapon to fend off any Draugrs or Blobs that might come your way. Lastly, bring some Potion Resistance Mead in case you do get poisoned by the Blobs. 

Now that you have what you need, head to the Swamp and look for a tree with a Gucksack. Once you’ve found one, build a Workbench and then start building Wood Stairs in a way that gets you farther up the tree. YouTuber ESO demonstrates this perfectly in one of his recent videos. 

Essentially, you want to build stairs that lead up to the Gucksack. You can also build Wood Floors on the tree itself to create a jumping obstacle course to the sack. Either way, once you’re at the Gucksack, chop at it with your axe and you’ll receive 4-6 Guck. 

The real use for Guck in Valheim is crafting the Draugr Fang bow, which we’ve gone over previously.

You’ll need 10 Guck in order to craft the bow, so two Gucksacks should suffice. Of course, you can gather more to create Green Banners for your base or a Green-burning Iron torch.