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Valheim: How To Get Flametal Ore

Flametal Ore is a relatively unknown resource in Valheim that is found in a specific part of the map that has been mostly unexplored. Here is how to get Flametal Ore in Valheim.
Valheim: How To Get Flametal Ore

In total, there are eight biomes in Valheim but only five are actually useful to the player. 

The other three are considered “in development” and therefore not really explored that much. However, one of the biomes, the Ashlands, contains a rare resource that players might want to stock up on now. 

Flametal Ore is only found in the Ashlands and is fairly plentiful. Although, once players have mined the metal, they’re not sure what to do with it after bringing it back to their base. 

Finding and using Flametal Ore in Valheim 

Flametal ore ValheimFlametal Ore is a resource found in the Ashlands. (Picture: Iron Gate AB)

To find the Ashlands, you simply have to stumble across it in Valheim. Since the biome is still under development, it’s not as easy to find as the five main biomes. Though, some players have reported it being far beyond the Plains and Mountains. 

You’ll know you’ve found the Ashlands once you see volcanic rock, fire and a mass amount of Surtlings. However, you’ll also see some Flaming Metal Veins, which contain Flametal Ore. You can mine as much of the ore as you can carry but since it’s a metal, you can’t teleport with it through a portal. 

Once you’ve lugged the material back to your base, you’ll need a Blast Furnace to turn it into Flametal Bars. Unfortunately, after this, there’s no more use for the bars as of the time of writing. 

Iron Gate Studios hasn’t released a recipe for Flametal yet, similar to the Crystals, but it’s likely that some recipes are coming in a future update. The developers are planning several content releases down the line so Flametal should be included in those plans. 

Flametal Ore Valheim 1The Flaming Metal Ore piles are common to see in the Ashlands. (Picture: Iron Gate AB)

In the meantime, stock up on Flametal while the Ashlands is relatively barren and not too dangerous. You never know what you might need Flametal for in the future.