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Valheim: How To Get Obsidian

Obsidian is one of Valheim’s most advanced resources and there’s only one location you can mine for it across the map.
Valheim: How To Get Obsidian

The Mountains biome in Valheim is home to a plethora of resources for late-game armour, weapons and tools. From Silver to Wolf Armour, gaining access to this snowy biome opens up a ton of different crafting recipes. 

However, one of the lesser-known resources in the region is Obsidian. A black piece of glass that players can only find in the Mountains, Obsidian is used to craft all matter of arrows for your bow. Obsidian, Frost, and Poison Arrows are all available to you once you first start to mine the black glass. 

Although, unlike Silver or Iron, Obsidian is not easily found within its biome. While it does contrast nicely with the white, snowy landscape, players are still struggling to find it when traversing the Mountains. 

Mining Obsidian in Valheim 

Mining Obsidian Valheim
Obsidian is a rare resource in Valheim that’s used in the creation of certain arrows. (Picture: Iron Gate AB)

Unlike some other resources in the game, like Iron, Obsidian is found in its own deposit. This means that once you find a deposit, you can immediately start mining. However, to do so, you’ll need at least an Iron Pickaxe, which is unlocked once you defeat the Elder boss in the Black Forest. Defeating the Elder will reward you with the Swamp Key that you can then use to open Sunken Crypts and mine for Iron. 

You’ll also need at least a Level 3 Workbench, which is unlocked with the Adze. This is used to craft the arrows you’ll make with Obsidian. 

Finally, venturing into the frigid Mountains will require some kind of protection. If you don’t already have a Wolf Armour Cape, which we go over how to make in a previous article, then you’ll need some Frost Resistance Mead. Staying in the Mountains too long with protection could result in your death. 

In terms of actually finding Obsidian, you’ll need to look all throughout the Mountains. The deposits are usually found out in the open on the sides of hills. It’s black and contrasts well against the white snow, so venturing out during the day will enable you to see the Obsidian better. 

Valheim Obsidian
Certain arrows become available once you mine Obsidian. (Picture: Iron Gate AB)

Once you’ve mined some, you can head back to your base and use your upgraded Workbench to craft either Obsidian, Frost or Poison Arrows. Each arrow is made in quantities of 20 and requires four Obsidian. Of course, if you want to make more you’ll need more Obsidian than that.