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Valheim: How To Tame A Wolf

Valheim has a few different creatures you can tame and befriend but one of the more valuable pets is the wolf. Here is how to tame a wolf in Valheim.
Valheim: How To Tame A Wolf

Taming animals in Valheim is one of the easiest ways to ensure you have a sustainable source of certain resources. 

There are three total animals you can tame in Valheim, being the Boar, Wolf and Lox. We’ve covered how to tame a Boar before. Each of these creatures is able to be domesticated and produce offspring that you can harvest for an infinite amount of resources (Leather Scraps, Wolf Pelts, Wolf Fangs, etc,)

Moving down the list, today we’re going to explain how to tame a Wolf. The same principles from taming a Boar apply but the Wolf is a bit trickier to fully domesticate. 

Taming a Wolf in Valheim 

Wolves are one of three tamable creatures in Valheim. (Picture: MrAtomicDuck, Iron Gate)

To start taming your Wolf army, you’re going to need to have access to the Mountains biome. A cold, vertical area, the Mountains are home to Valheim’s fourth boss, Moder, Silver Ore, Wolves and more. You’re likely going to need to defeat the Swamp’s boss, Bonemass, in order to have any real success in the Mountains. 

However, if you just want a Wolf pen, then you can make your way to the Mountains and find one of the creatures. Although, before that, it’s recommended to already have some of your pen set up. You can build a Workbench in the area you want to set up the pen and construct some Wood Spike Fences. However, leave a portion of the fence open for you and the wolf to enter and a platform for you to jump out once the Wolf is inside.

Since the Mountains are likely far from your base, you’ll likely have to set up a temporary base with the enclosure, tame the Wolf, then have it follow you back to your real base. 

Like Boars, Wolves are aggressive once they spot you, so be prepared for a chase. You can lure the Wolf closer to you by dropping raw meat.

If the Wolf is close enough to you, then make your way into your pre-built pen and make sure the Wolf joins you inside. Once it does, construct the final Spike Fence and place it in the opening that you entered from. This will trap the Wolf inside and the platform you built will allow you to exit without the Wolf following you. 

Wolf Tame
Wolves can follow you around unlike Boars. (Picture: MrAtomicDuck, Iron Gate)

In order to fully domesticate the Wolf, you just need to keep feeding it meat. After some time and enough meat, the Wolf will be fully tamed and can either stay fenced with another Wolf to breed or it can follow you around.