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Valheim: How To Hang Trophies In Your Home

Trophies are dropped randomly from various creatures that seemingly have no value at first but can actually be hung up on your base’s wall.
Valheim: How To Hang Trophies In Your Home

Throughout your travels in Valheim, you’ll encounter plenty of creatures that either want to hunt you down and kill you or simply run away to avoid being killed themselves. 

If you manage to take down any of these creatures, you’ll sometimes receive a Trophy in the form of a head of the creature you just took down. At first, it doesn’t appear there’s any use for such an item, as the only true need for a Trophy is summoning Eikthyr, Valheim’s first boss. It requires three Deer Trophies to summon. 

However, after you’ve established a base and located more sturdy materials, like Bronze and Iron, you’ll unlock a crafting item that makes the Trophies somewhat useful. 

Hanging Trophies on your wall in Valheim 

How to hang Trophies Valheim
Trophies are a way to show what you’ve taken down in Valheim. (Picture: Iron Gate AB)

In order to hang a Trophy on your base’s wall, you’ll simply need any sort of creature head. Anything from Boars to Trolls to Stone Golems will work. 

Equip any one of the creature Trophies to one of your eight action slots. Next, you’re going to need to make an Item Stand. This craftable object is unlocked once you’ve crafted Bronze Nails and is found in the “Furniture” tab of your build menu. 

It’s worth noting there are two different kinds of Item Stands. The Horizontal stand is meant for displaying small objects, like a weapon or tool. The Vertical stand is meant for hanging Trophies, so make sure you select the right one. 

Valheim trophies
The Vertical Item Stand is meant for hanging Trophies. (Picture: Iron Gate AB)

Once you have it selected, pick a spot on the wall where you want to hang your Trophy. After you’ve selected a spot, rotate the Item Stand so that the backplate is in the wall itself. The only thing you should see is a small, rectangular piece on the wall. 

If you have the Item Stand rotated correctly, then you can select the Trophy from your action slots and place it on the stand by simply hitting the action slot keybind on the small, rectangular piece. This will then attach it to the wall and you have yourself a nice little decoration piece for your base in Valheim.