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Valheim: How To Make A Silver Knife

A new compact weapon has arrived with the new Valheim update. Here is how to make a Silver Knife in Valheim.
Valheim: How To Make A Silver Knife

The Valheim Hearth and Home update finally arrived today after months of anticipation from the community. 

The old saying is “better late than never”, and that certainly rings true for this update. The developers at Iron Gate Studios have provided fans with a slew of new content, including weapons. One of those weapons is the Silver Knife, which is the successor to the other knives currently in Valheim. 

However, there were only two other knives in Valheim prior to the Hearth and Home update: the Flint and Blackmetal knife. The Silver knife slides nicely in between those two, giving players who like short-range combat something to use while they’re progressing their game. 

To learn what’s required to make the Silver knife, read below. 

Making the Silver Knife in Valheim 

Valheim how to make steel knife
Knives are a favourite weapon for close-range combat. (Picture: Iron Gate Studios)

The exact crafting recipe for the Silver knife is as follows: 

  • Two Wood
  • 10 Silver
  • Two Leather Scraps
  • Two Iron

On paper, that sounds easy enough to obtain for veteran players of Valheim. However, for newer players coming to the game because of the new update, this might seem a bit daunting. 

The process to acquire the Silver knife isn’t too difficult, though. To start, you will need access to the Wishbone, which is acquired through defeating Bonemass, the third boss of Valheim. Once you’ve defeated the swamp monster, you can add the Wishbone to their inventory. 

However, as you’re are in the Swamp biome, you should enter a crypt and mine for some iron. This is done by acquiring a swamp key from defeating the second boss, The Elder

Steel Knife valheim
Weapons are one of the most important parts of Valheim. (Picture: Iron Gate Studios)

Once you have some iron and their Wishbone, you can enter the Mountain biome and use the Wishbone to snuff out some silver. The crafting recipe calls for 10 silver, so you might need to spend some extra time with the Wishbone. It will glow and vibrate more the closer you are to some silver ore. 

After iron and silver are acquired, chop down a tree for some wood and kill two boars for leather scraps. With all of the ingredients in hand, make your way to a level three workbench and craft yourself the Silver knife. 


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Featured image courtesy of Kevduit/Iron Gate Studios.