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Valheim: The Best Knife To Use

Knives are a unique weapon in Valheim but as with any other category, there’s a consensus best in class. Here is the guide on which Knife is the best to use in the game.
Valheim: The Best Knife To Use

One of the more unique weapon categories in all of Valheim is the knife. 

While it does feature the high damage stats of categories like the sword, mace or club, it does possess a quality that can instantly kill almost any enemy in the game. 

In essence, the knife is best served for stealthy situations. It has a high damage bonus for sneaking up behind an enemy that should allow you to pick off a lone creature or one in a group. 

However, your damage is going to be based on the kind of Knife you choose. If you want to deal the maximum amount of stealthy damage, you’re going to want to use the best knife in Valheim. 

Picking the best knife in Valheim 

best knife in valheimCrafting a knife might not seem worth it at first. (Picture: Iron Gate AB)

In other weapon categories, there’s not a general consensus on what’s considered the “best in class”. For example, Silver Arrows deal damage at a quicker rate but Frost and Poison Arrows deal higher total damage, dividing some players’ choices. 

However, within the knife category, there’s really no debate, as the Blackmetal Knife is the best by a wide margin. Possessing a Slash and Pierce stat of 18, the Blackmetal Knife isn’t going to do you much good against an enemy head-on. Although, if you can manage to sneak up behind one, you deal a 10x Backstab damage bonus on top of the damage you’re already dealing. 

While it won’t be enough to take down a high-level creature, you should be able to defeat some mid-range enemies fairly easily. 

To craft the Blackmetal Knife, you need to defeat Moder, the fourth boss, and build a Blast Furnace. You can then turn Black Metal Scraps into bars, which you’ll need 10 of. You also need four Fine Wood and five Linen Thread. Most of these resources are found in the Plains biome, so be careful of those Deathsquitos