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Valheim player creates incredible Notre Dame Cathedral replica

A Valheim player has created one of the most incredulous building projects to date, a replica of the Notre Dame Cathedral.
Valheim player creates incredible Notre Dame Cathedral replica

The Valheim community is starting to create some truly incredible building projects, as evident by the recent Millennium Falcon and huge pirate ship.

However, all might have been overtaken by a recent Notre Dame Cathedral replica. Created and published to social media by Reddit user GlPv, the replica is huge in size and truly shows off how in-depth buildings in Valheim can get.

Seemingly every week a new, incredible building project gets published by a Valheim player. The potential shown by these creations is astounding and should only improve once the developers implement more building options. Although, it’s tough to see anything overtaking this Notre Dame replica anytime soon. 

The creation was published earlier this week and immediately went viral. Currently, it sits at over 21,000 upvotes and has received dozens of community awards, including two Platinum Awards.

The replica itself is a marvel. It looks as close to the real Notre Dame Cathedral as possible, going into extreme detail in regards to the small aspects of the building. The two towers at the front of the cathedral are especially impressive, as they look like they could have been photoshopped into Valheim.

As for the inside of the cathedral, the creator has stated there’s nothing inside besides some support beams to help reinforce the structure. However, they said it only took them a little over 10 hours to create the outside, so perhaps more time will be dedicated to finishing the inside. 

If you want to create something like this in Valheim, the creator recommended using the game’s debug mode to be able to fly around and use infinite building materials. You can learn how to access this mode in our previous article.