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Valheim: The Easiest Way To Get Feathers

Feathers are a key resource in Valheim if you want to make arrows for your bows but are not as easily found as other materials in the game. Here is the best way to get feathers in Valheim.
Valheim: The Easiest Way To Get Feathers

You can take on Valheim’s many creatures in a myriad of different ways. From fighting them head-on with an axe or sword to shooting at them from a distance with a bow, there are plenty of avenues for you to choose. 

In regards to the latter, becoming a world-class Norse archer takes far more resources than simply going head-to-head with a creature. In order to make arrows for your bows, you need raw resources like wood, flint, resin and, most importantly, feathers. 

Feathers are the principal ingredient in making arrows of all kinds in Valheim. Even with the highest level of arrow, the Needle Arrow, feathers are required. However, players are finding acquiring feathers to be a herculean task, as they’re not readily available in the world. 

Finding Feathers in Valheim 

Valheim Feathers
Feathers are a vital resource for archers in Valheim. (Picture: Iron Gate AB)

To start, the way most players start to find feathers is in the dungeons within the Black Forest. The chests in the dungeons are usually home to 3-4 feathers and can stack fairly quickly once you venture through the forest. 

Of course, this doesn’t result in an endless supply of feathers, as there are only so many dungeons. To compensate for this, you can farm feathers in a much more efficient manner. 

Throughout Valheim’s biome, you may have noticed little white birds flying around and occasionally landing on the ground. For those unaware, you can actually shoot these birds and acquire 2-3 feathers. You’ll just need a bow and standard wooden arrows, as you don’t need to waste anything higher levelled. 

Valheim birds feathers
Birds are the main way to acquire feathers. (Picture: Iron Gate)

The birds are somewhat difficult to hit though, so make sure to account for wind resistance and arrow drop. 

If you want to truly maximize your feather-gathering capabilities, you can hang around the coastline of the Meadows and Black Forest. The birds seem to be more inclined to land near the coast and stay on the ground for around 5-10 seconds as long as you don’t go directly near them. 

Once they’re on the ground, simply point, aim and shoot. You shooting birds doesn’t seem to impact other birds’ inclination to land in a certain spot, so if you find an area with a lot of birds, stay there until you’ve harvested each one of them.