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Valheim Yagluth boss guide: Location, how to summon and defeat

A guide on how to beat Yagluth, the fifth and final boss in Valheim, including his location and how to summon him, what weapons to use, strategy, and more.
Valheim Yagluth boss guide: Location, how to summon and defeat

Valheim is a huge game with several different biomes and vast armies of enemies, but everything comes to an end, especially when the game is in Early Access, and for Valheim, the final boss at this moment is Yagluth.

Yagluth is the fifth and final boss in Valheim, located in the Plains biome.

He is a huge glowing skeleton with a crown, but he doesn't have the lower part of his body, and he will move towards you by crawling with his hands, which somehow makes him even more terrifying.

If you are having issues to find and defeat him, hopefully, this guide will help you in achieving that.

Valheim Yagluth boss: Where to find and how to summon

Valheim Yagluth Altar location
The sacrificial altar of Yagluth (Picture: Iron Gate)

Aa we've already mentioned, Yagluth is located in the Plains biome.

In order to summon him, you will need to collect five Fuling totems, which can be found either inside Fuling structures or as drops from Fuling Shamans.

The home of Fulings is the Plains biome, so you don't need to go too far to obtain them. Once you have 5 of these totems, place them at the sacrificial altar of Yagluth, which looks similar to Stonehenge, and use the red-glowing tablet to complete the summoning.

How to defeat Yagluth

Yagluth has powerful, but very slow attacks. Like all the other bosses in Valheim, he has three different types of attacks.

  • He slams the ground with his fist for AoE damage attack.
  • His second attack with his fist will summon a rain of meteors.
  • Finally, he has a breath of fire attack which looks almost like a beam in a straight line, which slowly turns around.

Each of these attacks is quite powerful but very slow and clearly announced before executed.

When his fist is glowing blue, he will perform a slamming attack, when his fist is orange, expect the rain of meteors. When he is about to breath fire, he will rear his head back.

valheim Yagluth guide how to beat
Yagluth's attacks are rather easy to avoid (Picture: Iron Gate)

Just look closely for these signs and know when to attack him. As with many other bosses, the safest way to slowly chip off his health with a bow and arrows. Use his slowness to your advantage by dancing around him and attacking him from safe angles.

Of course, before the fight, prepare yourself: bring a lot of food and mead, and craft the best black armour you can get, which you now have access to thanks to defeating Moder.

Yagluth boss rewards

Yagluth is the final boss of the game, but that is only a temporary state of the game, as Valheim is still in early access and devs have a lot of plans for future content.

At this point, you will get Yagluth Trophy and Yagluth's placeholder item, and we strongly advise you to keep both, since they will definitely have some role with the future content drops.