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Valorant Episode 4 Act 2 Agent tier list

Plenty of balance changes took place in Episode 4 Act 2, so here's our tier list ranking all the Agents from best to worst.
Valorant Episode 4 Act 2 Agent tier list

A Valorant match can be decided at the Agent select screen. A good composition is crucial to winning those ranked matches, oftentimes just as important as individual skill.

Mastering different roles can make you an asset to your team, but knowing which characters are the best to fill each of those is important. To this end, we've got a new Valorant tier list for Episode 4 Act 2, ranking all the agents from best to worst.

Valorant Episode 4 Act 2 Agent tier list

Riot Games constantly updates the tactical shooter with balance patches, so to help you choose the best Agent for the job, here is our Valorant Episode 4 Act 2 Agent tier list.

Description of the tiers

  • S-Tier: The best of the best and must-picks on most maps.
  • A-Tier: Undeniably powerful and likely must pick on many maps.
  • B-Tier: The right player or right map makes these Agents great to have on your side.
  • C-Tier: If you have mastered them, they might well be worth running, but there is likely another Agent in the pool that performs exceptionally.
  • D-Tier: The bottom of the barrel of Agents. Do not pick these if you value your mental health.

It's worth mentioning that things will change throughout the season too. This includes how players combat Neon but also forthcoming updates.

The Agents

Note: We will update this list as the meta becomes more apparent.


jett valorant s tier
Jett remains the best Valorant Agent in Episode 4 Act 2. (Picture: Riot Games)
  • Jett (Duelist)
  • Skye (Initiator)
  • Sova (Initiator)
  • Yoru (Duelist)

Jett remains at the top of the tier list for a good reason. The iconic Agent boasts superior mobility and the potential to initiate by herself and clutch things out with her Ultimate. Moreover, Jett is always ready to dash forward to break the ankles of her opponents.

Sova's recon abilities are easy to learn and hard to master in terms of timing, but it's an Agent that's always welcomed in any composition.

Skye's well-rounded kit means she's got a place on every team. Boasting AoE healing, a tracking Ultimate ability, flashes that spot enemies if they hit; Skye is a significant advantage to have on your team.

Your eyes do not deceive you, with the recent rework, we believe Yoru has the necessary tools to become an S-tier Agent, at least on ladder where coordination isn't a regular occurrence. Nice mixup potential, forcing opponents to cover multiple angles makes him a threat.


reyna valorant
Reyna is a solid duelist that is easy to learn. (Picture: Riot Games)
  • Omen (Controller)
  • Reyna (Duelist)
  • Viper (Controller)
  • Sage (Sentinel)
  • Chamber (Sentinel)
  • Neon (Duelist)

With recent patches, the A-tier has seen some movement, particularly with the addition of Omen, who moves up, and Viper, who losses her spot in S-Tier.

Omen's buffs will make him a more solid smokes option and Viper losing fuel faster by utilising both her cooldowns has the opposite effect on her. In the end, they meet at a similar spot of viability. 

Other Agents in this tier benefit from being easy to pick up and play while remaining incredibly effective in filling the roles they're supposed to, like Reyna and Sage. 


Killjoy is a reliable sentinel. (Picture: Riot Games)

If you one-trick these characters, you might not get flamed, but you better make use of them properly: 

  • Breach (Initiator)
  • Raze (Duelist)
  • Cypher (Sentinel)
  • Killjoy (Sentinel)

Breach's ability to flash and stun enemies in a wide area can effectively clear out areas; however, he's not a constant threat who can play the long game like other flashers like Skye, even after recent buffs.

In the duelist category, Raze is a map dependent pick. She's magnificent on a small map like Split. Still, She pales in comparison to others simply by lacking any utility to help teams secure or defend a site for extended periods.


phoenix valorant
Phoenix is in dire need of buffs. (Picture: Riot Games)

These Agents have been left behind as the game evolves.

  • Phoenix (Duelist)
  • Brimstone (Controller)
  • KAY/O (Initiator)
  • Astra (Controller)

You can make an argument there's no need for them; perhaps KAY/O and Astra, who were massively nerfed, saved themselves as they offer a unique toolkit in their own regards.

Phoenix and Brimstone can be considered obsolete. For instance, Neon can double-wall, unlike the British Agent single firewall that damages allies. Also, Brimstone's smokes are far too simple and not versatile enough compared to Viper or Astra.

Adding to the above, for some weird reason, Brimstone was nerfed in a recent patch.


We've had to think this one through, but despite some C-Tier Agents having merits to belong in the trash tier, we believe they still offer a decent amount of value to keep the D-Tier completely empty.


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Featured image courtesy of Riot Games.