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DEADROP "Over-Hyped," Attracts Criticism After Dr. Disrespect's Bold Claims

Dr. Disrespect and Midnight Society's FPS game, DEADROP, seemed not to have lived up to fans' expectations after bold early claims.
DEADROP "Over-Hyped," Attracts Criticism After Dr. Disrespect's Bold Claims

Dr. Disrespect, alongside game studio Midnight Society, recently unveiled its upcoming “AAA” title, Project Moon. Now titled DEADROP, fans got a glimpse at the world's first-ever vertical extraction shooter on Friday, 29th July 2022. However, some critics claim that DEADROP’s “nowhere near the level of polish,” following earlier claims by Dr. Disrespect speculating it could best Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (CoD MW2). 

Proceeding DEADROP’s gameplay reveal and general snapshot overview, fans were left uncertain about whether the game lived up to Dr. Disrespect’s claims that it “blows out anything from the Call of Duty engine.” Some critics think he may have blown expectations out of proportion, especially considering the short demo failed to meet high standards. But others seem to differ, with many saying it's good for a demo in early development stages.

Does DEADROP Live Up To Fans' Expectations?

DEADROP's a vertical extraction shooter game.
DEADROP's a vertical extraction shooter game. (Picture: Midnight Society)

Anyone following Dr. Disrespect knows he’s been hyping DEADROP for the past months and essentially claiming it to be an outstanding first-person shooter, besting most titles on the market available right now. 

After talking about CoD MW2’s engine and game trailer, Dr. Disrespect said, “I could take a screenshot of [DEADROP] right now. In-game, in [the] engine. A screenshot of it. I don’t think anything from what I saw [in CoD MW2] could match it, could match that screenshot of [DEADROP].”

These bold claims carry massive weight considering CoD MW2’s game trailer was highly detailed and looked terrific. In addition, the game would feature a new engine to revolutionize how fans saw and played first-person shooters moving forward with the CoD franchise.

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Critics claim Dr. Disrespect has overhyped his FPS game DEADROP over the past few months. (Picture: Midnight Society)

So, one can only guess what would happen, especially with Dr. Disrespects apparently "overhyping" fans' expectations and for DEADROP to fail to meet those standards upon reveal. Notable Call of Duty leaker and reporter Modern Warzone posted a comparison of both games, including Dr. Disrespect’s remarks on Twitter.

Many other influential personalities also expressed their opinions, with a majority denying DEADROP to be better than CoD MW2 at its current development stage. But in contrast, many also acknowledged the game to be pretty good for a title in its extremely early stages.

Some even praised Dr. Disrespect’s claims stating “any press equals good press.” Even notable esports reporter Jake Lucky said, “Doc definitely walked himself into some trouble by hyping it so much, but honestly, whether it’s supporters or controversy, at least people are talking about it.”

In no way did DEADROP look like a terrible game, but fans don’t generally think it lives up to CoD’s current titles. At present, DEADROP’s still in its early, early stages, and considering it looks better than more standard first-person shooters, fans can only expect the game to continue to evolve.

Of course, it’ll take some time before that happens, but with steady progress, fans can expect DEADROP to hopefully live up to Dr. Disrespect’s bold claims when it’s nearer to its final release state.

And that's all. Check out our dedicated Video Game section for more DEADROP news, updates, guides, features, and more.


Featured image courtesy of Twitter / Midnight Society.