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Midnight Society and Polygon to offer carbon-neutral NFTs

Dr Disrespect's game studio Midnight Society has partnered with Polygon to offer eco-friendly digital ownership of in-game items and rewards.
Midnight Society and Polygon to offer carbon-neutral NFTs

YouTube Gaming star Guy "Dr Disrespect" Beahm's AAA game studio Midnight Society, in partnership with Web3 development platform Polygon Studios, released results from a survey revealing gamers' overwhelming support for digital ownership and trading of in-game items.

In March 2022, the Doc announced the inclusion of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the form of cosmetics and skins in his studio's first game, Project Moon. The NFTs would also become available through the Founder's Pass, granting exclusive benefits, such as access to pre-alpha game builds, merch drops, studio events, and unique in-game NFT profile pictures.

Midnight Society report shows 97% of gamers want NFTs

dr disrespect midnight society polygon
Midnight Society received 400,000 applicants to the Founders Pass program. (Picture: Midnight Society / Dr Disrespect)

Interestingly, the Founders Pass program received over 400,000 applicants in under a week, with 97.5% of applicants supporting the option to own, collect, sell and trade items purchased or earned in the game world.

At present, Web2 games restrict the ability of players to engage in PvP transactions, resulting in many turning to black market solutions. Fortunately, Web3 gaming allows a safe, transparent, and uncensorable solution.

Beyond this, Midnight Society and Polygon also address the economic and ecological issues regarding the trading of NFTs, enabling players to trade in-game items freely without incurring high transaction fees and without negatively affecting the environment.

Polygon allows Midnight Society to offer gamers carbon-neutral NFTs

midnight society polygon
Polygon will allow Midnight Society to have carbon-neutral NFTs in-game. (Picture: Midnight Society)

At present, Polygon has a carbon-neutral status, which means that any transaction, application, or NFT created on the blockchain incurs absolutely no carbon imprint. However, it seems this isn't enough.

In April 2022, Polygon pledged to go carbon-negative by the end of the year, investing $20 million in a series of community initiatives that use technology to combat climate change. Accordingly, the company aims to take more carbon out of the atmosphere than it puts in.

In addition, the company emphasized its commitment to eliminating all of its historical and future carbon debt, marking a major step toward sustainable blockchain solutions.

In a statement, Midnight Society Co-founder and Studio Head Robert Bowling said: "We see blockchain technology as a launchpad for so many new ways fans can interact with their favorite games, communities, and most importantly, the pivotal parts of development of those titles. The community has spoken, and we've listened."

"With any new technology, there are weaknesses, and what we loved about Polygon was their ability to address every concern we had while also having an eye towards where this technology could go in the future to support our grand ambition," Bowling added.

midnight society founders pass project moon early access
The first playable version of Project Moon is expected to launch in July, exclusively to Founders. (Picture: Midnight Society)

Ryan Wyatt, CEO of Polygons, also commented, saying he was "thrilled to be working with Midnight Society as they expand the realms and possibilities in gaming." Wyatt continued, adding, "Blockchain-based games are quickly becoming the biggest focus of the gaming industry. Project Moon is entering the space by providing an off-chain and on-chain experience, allowing gamers to have the best of both worlds. They can own, monetize, and transfer digital assets in-game through the opt-in NFT experience, without it being an obligation."

At present, Polygon boasts five times more gaming and NFT Dapps than any other chain outside of Ethereum and has already onboarded several major blockchain-based Web3 games and NFT projects, including Sandbox, Decentralnd, Opeansea, and more.

Once Midnight Society's first-person shooter Project Moon is launched, players will have the option to take part in exclusive activities to truly own their accomplishments and creations without gaining any competitive advantage in-game.

To learn more about Midnight Society, visit midnightsociety.com, follow them on Twitter, or join the official Midnight Society Discord.

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Featured image courtesy of Midnight Society.