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Dr Disrespect settles legal spat with Twitch but won't return to the platform

YouTube Gaming streamer Dr Disrespect has resolved his lawsuit with Twitch, although no party admits any wrongdoing.
Dr Disrespect settles legal spat with Twitch but won't return to the platform

YouTube megastar Guy "Dr Disrespect" Beahm has finalised his legal dispute with Twitch after he learned about the reason for his permaban from the Amazon-owned platform, issued roughly two years ago.

In August last year, the Two-Time said that the ban was a major source of anxiety, triggering a "rollercoaster of emotions." The former Twitch star added the ban affected him both financially and from a social networking standpoint.

However, several months later, it seems the dispute ended in a stalemate, with neither party admitting any wrongdoing.

Dr Disrespect resolves lawsuit with Twitch

dr disrespect twitch legal feud lawsuit resolved
Dr Disrespect says he is moving on as his legal feud with Twitch comes to an end. (Picture: Twitter)

In a brief statement over Twitter on 10th March, Dr Disrespect said, "I have resolved my legal dispute with Twitch. No party admits to any wrongdoing," adding that he is ready to move on.

Also, if you're hoping that the Doc will return to Twitch, you're out of luck. Dr Disrespect made it clear that he "will not return to Twitch," continuing with his streaming career on YouTube Gaming. 

However, perhaps a more pressing question is why Dr Disrespect was banned from Twitch in the first place. Unfortunately, the Doc did not mention the reason he was banned and considering that neither Twitch nor the Doc admits to a fault, it's becoming increasingly likely that they never will.

But of course, this hasn't stopped users on Reddit from arriving at their own conclusions.

For example, one user speculated that "Doc wanted to start a legitimate streamers union to provide a basis for streamers to create a Twitch affiliated collective bargaining agreement for certain salaries, benefits, and so on. So they brought the corporate foot down on him."

dr disrespect twitch ban reason why was doc banned
Dr Disrespect has still not revealed the reason he was banned from Twitch. (Picture: YouTube)

A different user wrote, "I like the theory that he lied about a Mixer offer for contract leverage." The user added that Microsoft announced Mixer was closing down on 22nd June, and the Doc was banned days later on 26th June.

A third user wrote, "If Slasher would just tell us some extremely damaging fake leak, then Doc would have to come out and tell us the truth to refute it." Indeed, this seems like an ingenious plan, and given the comment's more than 3,400 upvotes, many Redditors would agree.

Nevertheless, since joining YouTube, Dr Disrespect has continued to grow, establishing himself as a household name among gamers alike, with several prominent ex-Twitch streamers, including TimTheTatman and Dr Lupo, since joining the pact.


Featured image courtesy of YouTube / Dr Disrespect and Twitch.