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Rollerdrome - How To Unlock Out For Blood Mode Guide

Here's our full guide on how to0 unlock the Out For Blood mode in Rollerdrome and everything else you need to know about this punishing mode.
Rollerdrome - How To Unlock Out For Blood Mode Guide

As you play through the chaotic and action-packed experience that is Rollerdrome, you will notice an inaccessible mode called "Out For Blood" that might interest you. If you've wondered what this mode is and how to unlock it then you aren't alone, and luckily we have the answers for you.

We've put together this guide to break down everything you need to know to unlock the Out For Blood mode in Rollerdrome. Along with some necessary information you'll need before taking this sadistic yet satisfying mode.

Rollerdrome - How To Unlock Out For Blood Mode Guide

Rollerdrome How To Unlock Out For Blood Mode Guide completing the campaign unlocks Out For Blood mode
After completing the campaign once, you will unlock Out For Blood mode in the main menu. (Picture: YouTube / PlayStation)

To unlock Out For Blood Mode, all you have to do is finish the campaign. When you do this, you will receive a message stating that the Out For Blood Mode has been unlocked, and you will be able to access the new mode from the main menu. However, something that players might have concerns about is how long it will take to complete the game and unlock this mode.

Luckily, since Rollerdrome is not a very long game, unlocking this mode shouldn't take you longer than a few hours. Less if you're focused on grinding through the game as quickly as possible after purchasing it.

In Out for Blood mode, you begin a separate save from your main campaign. This mode is similar to New Game Plus, but it focuses on high scores rather than completing challenges. The mode immediately grants you access to all weapons, includes a newly remixed soundtrack, and increases the difficulty and frequency with which House Players appear.

Furthermore, you'll notice a few visual differences here and there. The massive font that greets you with the stage's name every time you start a new run has changed, and the main menu screen, UI while browsing for levels in the Out for Blood menu, and overall theme have all been turned red. In addition, the protagonist dresses differently, which is a wanted visual touch after you have likely just recently completed the entire game.

There is also quite a difference in terms of what the objectives entail. You won't have to worry about completing challenges to progress through the levels as you would in the main campaign. Instead, the challenges here are entirely optional, and the emphasis is primarily on achieving high scores. To advance to the next set of levels, simply complete the last one of each championship step.

Rollerdrome - How To Unlock Out For Blood Mode Guide when playing use perfect reflex and be vigilant
This mode is brutal, so use your perfect reflex and vigilance as much as possible. (Picture: PlayStation)

Finally, Out for Blood is an absurdly punishing mode. You'll be dealing with a slew of enemies on screen from the start, and the damage boost is immediate along with your weakened defenses. You will likely find yourself scrambling for health pickups, so it's advised that you employ the perfect reflex as much as possible, and remain vigilant as you try your best to stay alive out there and climb your way to the top.

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Featured image courtesy of Roll7.