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Wild Rift Lucian guide: Best runes, items, tips and more

Meet Lucian, a grim hunter of undying spirits, who pursues them relentlessly and annihilates them with the help of his twin relic pistols, in this Wild Rift guide.
Wild Rift Lucian guide: Best runes, items, tips and more

The patch 2.3b of League of Legends: Wild Rift will bring a ton of changes and content, as the Sentinels of Light global event makes its arrival into every game in Riot’s repertoire, with Teamfight Tactics receiving a new expansion, new Ruination weapon skins coming to Valorant, and the addition of Akshan and Viego into Legends of Runeterra.

Wild Rift on their side will enjoy the addition of two new champions into its extensive roster, featuring the main protagonists of this war against the Ruin and the Ruined King, the Sentinels of Light, Lucian and Senna.

Let’s start by looking at everything about Lucian, the Purifier, whofter the wraith Thresh slew his wife, embarked on a path of vengeance stopping at nothing to protect the living from the long-dead horrors of the Black Mist.

Lucian’s active and passive abilities

Wild Rift Lucian gameplay capture
(Picture: Riot Games)

His passive, Lightslinger, allows that whenever Lucian uses an ability, his next attack becomes a double-shot.

Let's move on to his active skills:

  • Piercing Light: Lucian shoots a piercing beam of light through a target.
  • Ardent Blaze: Fires a missile that explodes in a star shape, briefly marking and revealing enemies. Lucian also gains Movement Speed when attacking marked enemies.
  • Relentless Pursuit: Lucian quickly dashes a short distance. Lightslinger attacks reduce its cooldown.
  • Ultimate - The Culling: Lucian unleashes a torrent of gunfire from his weapons.

Runes and spells recommended for Lucian

Wild Rift Lucian gameplay ultimate
(Picture: Riot Games)
  • Conqueror: Triggers on successful skill combos and trades, dealing bonus damage to affected enemies and increasing her burst damage.
  • Brutal: Grants bonus attack damage and armour penetration.
  • Adaptive Carapace: Provides with bonus HP and increases defence when HP drops to below 50%, based on the damage type you took more of over the last 60 seconds.

His last rune can be chosen between these two options, whether you want to focus on giving him more ability haste, or more mobility and extra gold  in the lane phase and team fights.

  • Hunter - Genius: Grants additional ability haste for each unique takedown.
  • Pack Hunter: Grants bonus movement speed when near an ally. Additionally, unique takedowns will grant you and the closest ally bonus gold.

Lucian is mostly picked in the bot lane as the main AD Carry, although he can also work as a flex-pick for the mid lane. Besides, his summoner spells are a standard:

  • Flash: Allows you to have more offensive options when entering combat, as well as helps you escape from dangerous situations.
  • Heal: A great emergency tool, both for its health recovery and the brief movement speed it grants.

The best items for Lucian

Wild Rift Lucian battle pose
(Picture: Riot Games)

His items will be focused on maximizing to the limit his Attack Damage and Critical Strikes, putting mostly damage objects into his comp while also letting him survive the battle with either Movement Speed or deferred damage.

  • Blade of the Ruined King: Increases damage and attack speed, plus its passive allows you to inflict additional physical damage on each hit based on the enemy's current health. As a bonus, it allows you to steal your enemy's movement speed.
  • Gluttonous Greaves: Grants omnivampirism, giving you a better chance of survival thanks to its lifesteal. We recommend using them with Mercury Enchant for crowd control.
  • Infinity Edge: Increases the chance and damage of critical attacks, dramatically increasing DPS.
  • Death’s Dance: Converts a percentage of the damage taken into delayed damage, giving you more room to be in the fight along with his physical omnivampirism.
  • Guardian Angel: Its revive effect allows you to fully attack squarely, without risking giving away a kill along the way.

To complete his build, we recommend choosing between Mortal Reminder for tank enemies, Stattik’s Shiv for additional area damage, Maw of Malmortius for AP enemy comps, or Death’s Dance for survival.

Tips for Lucian’s playstyle

Wild Rift Lucian presentation banner
(Picture: Riot Games)

Lucian is a dynamic marksman wielding powerful ancient weapons on his quest to free all of Runeterra from the threat of the Black Mist. He is a fast and aggressive character with flexibility that makes him a formidable opponent on all lanes.

To take advantage of his abilities from the early game you must use his Piercing Light to harass the opponent, as it deals reduced damage to minions. Taking advantage of his luminous bullets and thanks to Lightslinger's double shot after casting it, the damage exchange potential will be much higher than expected.

Since Piercing Light hits a point beyond your reach, be on the lookout for an opportunity to hit more than one enemy with the beam for additional damage, and try to use his Relentless Pursuit in case you can secure a kill.

The long range of the Culling gives Lucian the ability to kill from a distance, so try to use any opportunity, in case an enemy goes through a single escape route, to execute it before their allies arrive and make it impossible for them to dodge your discharge of light.

Wild Rift Lucian splashart
(Picture: Riot Games)

Lucian's great mobility combined with Piercing Light's low cooldown helps him level in favor of a fight that would normally spell death for a marksman, so it will be vital for you to learn to play aggressively even if you have everything against, to save yourself from any dangerous situation.

Since Lightslinger's effect can be activated with all his abilities, Lucian can deal intensive damage after each skill cast, so always try to use his them in the best possible way to be able to connect very eye-catching escapes as well as impressive executions.

Using Lucian to perfection can take some time given the dexterity of his abilities, however once you have her mastered, you will be able to kill any opponent before they can do anything to run away from you.

Don't forget to check out more champion guides, as well as new updates through our Wild Rift dedicated section.