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Wild Rift Mid lane tier list: All mid lane champions ranked from best to worst

The Mid Laner requires a lot of game sense to succeed, and we're here to help pick the best Champions to achieve victory.
Wild Rift Mid lane tier list: All mid lane champions ranked from best to worst

League of Legends: Wild Rift is now available in its Beta phase in the Americas, letting millions of players experience the wonders of Riot's legendary MOBA in mobile devices.

With this in mind, many players will look at the best-suited Champions for each role, with the Mid Lane being as important as it ever has, require tons of game sense and mechanic ability.

In this tier list, we'll breakdown the best Champions to use as a Mid Laner, as well as telling you which ones to avoid.

Remember that we have plenty of other tier lists, including the best Solo Laners and Junglers, so check those out as well.

Wild Rift tier list - How it works

wild rift 2.2 tier list mid lane champions
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Instead of grouping every single Champion in a general tier list, we'll take a look at the Mid Lane and group the most fitted Champions for it, placing them on different tiers depending on their kit and abilities. 

Here's a quick explanation for each tier:

  • S-Tier: The best Champions in the game. Simply put, they have all the tools to help you succeed.
  • A-Tier: Solid and reliable. Can require a bit more execution than the other top tiers.
  • B-Tier: Have some tools in their arsenal but ultimately they lack a few key elements to make them completely top tier.
  • C-Tier: Niche Champions who can work as surprise picks. 
  • F-Tier: Trash, the worst in the game. Avoid at all costs unless you want to be reported.

This comes without saying, but it's worth pointing out nonetheless, tier lists are not an exact science, especially in a MOBA where low and high-level play can drastically impact the viability of Champions. 

Without further ado, let's get started.

Wild Rift 2.2 tier list - Best Mid Lane Champions

wild rift mid lane champions tier list
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There are very few doubts in regards to who the top Mid Laners are, with these four being clear standouts.

While not exactly beginner-friendly, once you get the hang of Akali's abilities and playstyle, she's a deadly foe, especially with her Five Point Strike kunais and Twilight Shroud to boost her mobility.

Katarina and Aurelion are even harder to use, mainly because they require mechanical skill above the usual average of other Champions, yet they hold some powerful tools to help you in combat.


wild rift best mid laners lane champions tier list
(Picture: Riot Games)

  • Ahri
  • Yasuo
  • Fizz
  • Corki

The Nine-tailed Fox Ahri is always a fan-favourite, and she's certainly strong in Wild Rift following patch v2.2. The damage she can rack up with a leveled-up Orb of Deception is a huge advantage if combined with Fox-Fire, which can multiply damage depending on how many times it hits an enemy.

Yasuo's Steel Tempest is an incredibly versatile attack, having the ability to knock opponents back and up depending on how many stacks of Gathering Storm he has, so it requires an extra layer of micromanagment. 


  • Lux
  • Twisted Fate

The Lady of Luminosity is one of the easier Mid Laners to play in Wild Rift, therefore, her impact can ultimately be less rewarding if you manage to master her.

Her Lucent Singularity is a good zoning tool, sadly the time before detonation usually means Champions can get out of the blast radio even with the speed penalty it includes. 


wild rift best worst mid laners lane champions tier list
(Picture: Riot Games)

Yes, his Razor Shuriken does a lot of damage on hit, the real issue is that aiming them is harder than most other abilities in the game, this also makes his passive Living Shadow ability hard to trigger, missing out on an important amount of energy. 


  • Ziggs

The Hexplosives Expert is simply not good enough. Many argue that players are sleeping on his kit because he can bust Towers easily during the late game, sadly, his output during the rest of the match is almost non-existent.

All of his abilities require insane mechanical skill, plus no mobility means he loses ground on the Mid Lane way faster in comparison to other Champions.

There is potential in the character, if only Riot decides to buff him, we can see him becoming an instapick in the near future.