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How To Beat Lu Bu Boss In Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Lu Bu is the ninth main boss in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Here's how you can beat them.
How To Beat Lu Bu Boss In Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is an old-school action RPG with a ton of challenging encounters. Like the Nioh Games, every mission in Wo Long ends with a boss battle. 

Lu Bu is the ninth main boss in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. After Zhang Liang, this is arguably the most challenging encounter in the game. If you're struggling to defeat this powerful foe or need some tips to get started on this boss, you're in the right place. Here's how you can beat Lu Bu in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

How To Beat Lu Bu Boss Fight In Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

lu bu boss
Lu Bu has four devastating critical blows. (Picture: Shreyansh / Koei Tecmo)

As mentioned previously, this is a challenging encounter, something which is rare in Wo Long. In more ways than one, Lu Bu's battle is similar to Gyoubo Oniwa boss in Sekiro. 

Like Gyoubo, Lu Bu battles via horseback and on foot. Unlike other bosses in Wo Long, Lu Bu has four devastating critical blows that can cripple your health bar very quickly. 

The first is when Lu Bu charges toward you on horseback. This one is relatively easy to deflect. If deflecting this attack disrupts Lu Bu's Spirit Gauge, they would jump down from their horse to fight head-to-head. 

The second critical blow is where they do an upper-cut style attack. This one is the hardest to deflect, and you're better off just dodging it. The third is when they jump toward you with their Spear. This is similar to the jumping attacks of other large enemies in the game, so you shouldn't have much difficulty deflecting it. This maneuver is, however, usually followed by a fourth critical blow in which Lu Bu thrusts their Spear towards for you a piercing style attack. While this is easy to deflect, you might not see it coming since it's followed by the other critical blow I mentioned. 

The Lu Bu boss fight is the only boss fight in Wo Long where guarding is more necessary than deflecting. It would be best if you still deflected all the critical blows, but when it comes to the regular attacks, you're better off guarding or dodging. 

Every now and then, Lu Bu does range arrow attacks which you can deflect. Once their health is halfway, the arrow attacks become more frequent and usually occur in a set of two. These are hard to deflect, especially the second time around, so keep one hand on the guard button.

lu bu boss
Lu Bu's arrow attacks do a lot of damage. (Picture: Shreyansh / Koei Tecmo)

Once Lu Bu is down from the horse, they will spew fire Phase attacks. Make sure your armor offer increased resistance against fire damage. We recommend going for a Water Phase or a Metal Phase build. This is also a battle where you're better off having a companion or a friend playing with you in co-op. If you go for the former, Cao Cao and Huang Gai are great options since they would aid in accumulating toxin or freeze effects on Lu Bu.

And that's pretty much it! Following these tips should make this battle a bit easy. Once you have completely wiped off Lu Bu's health bar, they will escape the battlefield. As you may expect, this isn't your last encounter with them. 
That concludes our guide on how to beat Lu Bu in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. 

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