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Does Bandle Tale Support Crossplay And Cross Progression

Crossplay and cross-progression are notable features included in AAA and indie games, but will these features be available for Bandle Tale?
Does Bandle Tale Support Crossplay And Cross Progression
(Picture: Lazy Bear Games / Riot Forge)

Cross-platform play (crossplay) and cross-progression have been among the many well-supported features included in multiple AAA and independent games. As players have come to expect their inclusions in upcoming and future game releases, can we expect the same from Lazy Bear Games and Riot Forge for Bandle Tale?

Bandle Tale: A League of Legends Story is their latest game set within the League of Legends universe, but whether they can expect crossplay and cross-progression to be enabled is what we'll address. If they want to learn if these features are added to the game, they can continue reading this guide for Bandle Tale.

Is There Crossplay And Cross Progression Support For Bandle Tale?

Before addressing whether Bandle Tale officially supports cross-platform play (crossplay) and cross-progression, we'll briefly explain what these features are. Cross-progression allows players to share gameplay progress or data across supported platforms using a specific account, which in this case would be a Riot account, that can be used to log in and access the files or data.

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Based on the information available, we can safely assume that Bandle Tale isn't supporting crossplay and cross-progression at launch. (Picture: Lazy Bear Games / Riot Forge)

As we've previously addressed, whether players are required to have a Riot account to log in or sign into the game at launch, we've confirmed that they don't need a Riot account for the game. Therefore, based on this information, we can make an educated guess that cross-progression is not supported for Bandle Tale at launch.

Now that we've addressed the subject of cross-progression for Bandle Tale, what does that mean for crossplay? This specific feature allows players to pair up or connect on different supported platforms for online multiplayer activities, which is something we've previously addressed.

Courtesy of comments made by the publisher, Riot Forge, in an interview this year, we know they're planning on "strong experiences" for their upcoming and unannounced IPs. We also know that the game has no multiplayer components as this is a single-person RPG, and likewise, making another educated guess, Bandle Tale will not have crossplay supported.

As we've stated, we're making educated guesses as Riot Forge hasn't addressed these features on their official Support FAQ page. And with the little information we have currently from the developer and publisher on the game's store listings on Steam and Nintendo Switch, we can safely assume that Bandle Tale isn't supporting crossplay and cross-progression and can start their magical adventures in Bandle City when the game launches on 21st February 2024 for PC and Nintendo Switch.