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Bandle Tale Badges System: How To Earn And Upgrade

To gain more Skills to enhance their gameplay experience, players must complete tasks and quests to earn and upgrade Badges in Bandle Tale.
Bandle Tale Badges System: How To Earn And Upgrade
(Picture: Lazy Bear Games / Riot Forge)

Bandle Tale: A League of Legends Story grants players access to unique Skills that assist them in progressing with quests, collecting resources, and completing tasks to gain Emotion points for their orbs. However, Skills are to be unlocked from the Skill Tree using Skill Points, but unlocking more Skills is done through the Badges system.

Badges, which resemble real-world scout badges, are symbols of recognition for achievement for various disciplines as earning them is straightforward, and upgrading them allows them to access more Skills. Showcase their expertise and honor as we've discussed how Badges work and how to earn and upgrade them in Bandle Tale.

Bandle Tale Badges System Explained: How Do Badges Work?

Bandle Tale has various in-game mechanics that players will utilize during their explorations of Bandle City, which includes Badges. These unlockable items are, to some extent, a sign of one's progress in a specific discipline, like knitting, cooking, and being a great friend, in which progress is made by completing various activities.

bandle tale league of legends features guide badges system mechanics badge book quests side quests
Players can view their Badges by accessing the Badge Book to check their progress, quest requirements and upgrade them. (Picture: Lazy Bear Games & Riot Forge / Ashleigh Klein)

Badges are linked to the Skills system in-game as players want to unlock and upgrade their Badges to access more Skills from the Skill Tree. This can be achieved by engaging in various tasks or activities and completing quests to gain Emotion points to fill their Emotion Orbs, allowing them to progress with the game's story.

Equally important when progressing towards unlocking and upgrading the Badges and Skills is sleeping or dreaming, as it's called in-game. Players can interact with a bed to save their Emotion Orbs; during their rest period, they'll save their orbs, which turns the orbs into Skill Points, which, as mentioned, are used to unlock new Skills.

How To Earn And Unlock More Badges In Bandle Tale?

Earning Badges is pretty straightforward as they're acquired through gameplay progression by meeting its specific requirements, including doing story quests and side quests. Players can view more about the Badges by pressing the TAB key and selecting the Badge Book symbol to view each Badge's description and their quest requirements and check its progress to upgrade them.

bandle tale league of legends features guide badges system mechanics skill tree
The Badge system is deeply connected to the Skill Tree system, which upgrades Badges and helps players unlock new Skills. (Picture: Lazy Bear Games & Riot Forge / Ashleigh Klein)

As mentioned before, the Badges system is linked to the Skills system as each time players unlock or upgrade Badges, this, in turn, grants them access to more Skills via the Skill Tree. Accessing the Skill Tree is in the following tab menu, making it easy for players to view their Badges, upgrade them, and unlock more Skills without leaving the Badge Book menu.

These Skills are divided into four categories, namely Engineering, Knitting, Magic, and Nature, which players can toggle between while in the Skill Tree menu and find multiple Skills to unlock. Unlocking these Skills is achieved by gaining Emotion points by completing tasks and quests to fill their orbs, which must be banked or "Dream and Save."

This process converts their orbs into Skill Points, which are used to unlock Skills from the Skill Tree; some Skills are seen as more valuable, like increasing their Emotion Orbs to accumulate Skill Points quicker. However, players should keep an eye on their Emotion Orbs as repeating tasks will hinder them from earning the max Emotion points, so do complete a variety of tasks and quests to prevent their Yordle from getting "bored" and prevent them from upgrading their Badges and unlocking more Skills.