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Bandle Tale The Adventure Begins Quest And Walkthrough

With a Knitted Leg equipped, it's time to test it by finding Clover and the flying cat in Darner's Glade in The Adventure Begins quest for Bandle Tale.
Bandle Tale The Adventure Begins Quest And Walkthrough
(Picture: Lazy Bear Games & Riot Forge / Ashleigh Klein)

The world of Bandle City awaits players who are bustling with plenty of adventures now that their apprenticeship will be ending. However, as Clover has already set off for Darner's Glade, they'll have to inquire with the Villagers if she's still there, which is part of The Adventure Begins quest.

As they test out their Knitted Leg, they can also begin exploring Yarnville by discovering new locations and collecting crafting resources. Begin searching for Clover and set off on an exciting adventure by following the objectives for The Adventure Begins quest in Bandle Tale: A League of Legends Story.

Bandle Tale The Adventure Begins Quest Objectives List

Once players have created their Yordle, learned how to craft items at the Basic Workbench, and gotten a Knitted Leg from Gramps, it's time to explore the great outdoors of Yarnville. Excited that their apprenticeship is ending, they'll need to deliver the news to Clover, which they must find somewhere in a neighboring area, the premise of the next quest, The Adventure Begins.

bandle tale league of legends story quests guide the adventure begins quest objectives talk to winstock frankle
After leaving Gramps' House, find and talk to Winstock and Frankle if they have seen Clover. (Picture: Lazy Bear Games & Riot Forge / Ashleigh Klein)

They'll meet some of the Villagers and find items to forage; they can also explore Yarnville, discovering new locations and admiring the scenic views before finding Clover and a mysterious flying cat. Before we've detailed how to complete this quest, let's look at the objectives to complete and find Clover to share the news:

  • Equip the new Leg through the Inventory and try it outside
    • Interact with Front Door
  • Talk to Winstock
  • Talk to Frankle
  • Go to Darner's Glade
    • Repair Darner's Glade Bridge
  • Craft a Butterfly Knot at Basic Workbench
    • Bring Butterfly Knot to Yuumi
  • Who's talking? Find out!
  • Open Skill Tree
  • Clean up Junk inside Backpack
  • Open Badge Book
  • Repair Portal Bridge
    • Go to Portal

How To Complete The Adventure Begins Quest In Bandle Tale?

After receiving news that their apprenticeship will end and receiving a Knitted Leg as a gift from Gramps, it's time to explore the world of Yarnville and look for Clover. This starts The Adventure Begins quest, where they can leave their room and locate their best friend, Clover, by asking some of the Villagers in town.

After speaking with Winstock and Frankle, the latter will inform them that Clover's still at Darner's Glade; players will spot a flying cat before being prompted to repair the bridge connecting Yarnville with Darner's Glade. At this junction, they're introduced to the Emotions mechanic, in which players can earn Emotion points to fill orbs gained by completing tasks, crafting, and doing quests.

bandle tale league of legends story quests guide the adventure begins quest objectives clean up junk
Help Righty find the missing pair by cleaning around the Knitter's Backpack. (Picture: Lazy Bear Games & Riot Forge / Ashleigh Klein)

Using three pieces of Rope to fix the bridge, they can explore Darner's Glade before finding a Knitter's Backpack, which they can go inside to find the flying cat. The flying cat is the first of many confirmed Champions appearing in-game as Yuumi, who informs them that they're stepping into their "nap cave" before revealing that it's a Knitter's Backpack.

To prove that they're Knitter to Yuumi, they'll instruct them to craft a Butterfly Knot from the Basic Workbench inside the Backpack, which requires one Thread. Once crafted, they can give the Butterfly Knot to Yuumi, allowing them to stay in the Backpack before an ominous voice is heard somewhere inside, and they can investigate by inspecting the Junk.

They'll find a Badge Book and a talking sock, Righty, prompting Yuumi to leave, and they can help Righty find his missing pair. However, as they don't have the skills to clean up the Backpack, they'll be introduced to another in-game mechanic, the Skill Tree, for which they can unlock new Skills by dreaming to save their Emotion orbs to get Skill Points.

bandle tale league of legends story quests guide the adventure begins quest objectives
Interact with the World Map to find where the portal is at The Yarnlets before repairing the bridge nearby. (Picture: Lazy Bear Games & Riot Forge / Ashleigh Klein)

They can interact with the bed to sleep before waking up, open the Skill Tree to view the new Skills available and unlock the House Cleaning Skill. Clean up the tree piles of Junk, which they can't find Righty's missing pair as Clover walks into the Backpack.

Once explaining the events leading up to them finding the Backpack to Clover, she mentions a party that Ozzy is hosting, which they'll need to use a portal to travel to the location and ask him about the Knitter's Backpack and Badge Book. Arriving at the bridge near The Yarnlets, they'll need to repair this bridge using a Rope before finding the portal nearby and proceeding to enter it.

Travel to a new area to meet the famed party planner, Ozzy, and start catching up with him on Yarnville, the Badge Book, and the Knitter's Backpack. Finding Ozzy in the middle of some party planning, he proceeds to ask them and Clover for assistance, and once Ozzy finishes explaining, this will conclude The Adventure Begins quest, getting two Skill Points and 20 Badge points.