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Bandle Tale Dream Come True Quest And Walkthrough

Meet the party planner Ozzy and help him organize a party at the Unity Tree by doing a few tasks in the Dream Come True quest for Bandle Tale.
Bandle Tale Dream Come True Quest And Walkthrough
(Picture: Lazy Bear Games & Riot Forge / Ashleigh Klein)

After leaving Yarnville to meet with Ozzy to discuss the found Badge Book and Knitter's Backpack, players will learn how to throw a fantastic party like Ozzy at the Unity Tree. While they get to speak to a few Yordles as they complete various tasks, something ominous is about to happen in the Dream Come True quest.

Unbeknownst to them, it appears that one particular character may have had a hand in the devastating events that followed, which starts the Yordle hero's journey in saving Bandle City. Before those events take place, help Ozzy finalize his next party as we've detailed the objectives and complete the walkthrough for the Dream Come True quest in Bandle Tale.

Bandle Tale Dream Come True Quest Objectives List

After taking the portal and traveling to an unknown location, they'll arrive at the Unity Tree with Clover and Righty, finally meeting Ozzy. During their chatter with the famed party planner, Ozzy asks them for assistance with a party he's organizing, which starts the Dream Come True quest.

bandle tale league of legends story quests guide dream come true meeting ozzy the adventure begins quest
Players can speak to Ozzy after arriving at the Unity Tree through the portal during The Adventure Begins quest. (Picture: Lazy Bear Games & Riot Forge / Ashleigh Klein)

A couple of League of Legends Champions can be first seen at the Unity Tree during the quest, for which one may have had a hand in the cataclysmic events that occurred towards the end of this quest. Nevertheless, as they'll be helping out Ozzy with some party planning, we've listed the objectives below to complete during this quest in Bandle Tale:

  • Install Fireworks
  • Check Phonograph
  • Talk to Gerbo
  • Collect Beet Soup from Gerbo's Chest
  • Collect Stuffed Flatbread from Gerbo's Chest
  • Collect Plain Bun from Gerbo's Chest
    • Bring Beet Soup to Guest Table
    • Bring Stuffed Flatbread to Guest Table
    • Bring Plain Bun to Guest Table
    • Talk to Gerbo
  • Talk to Ozzy
  • Interact with Portal Yarn

How To Complete The Dream Come True Quest In Bandle Tale?

Players will have to complete a few tasks for Ozzy, which include installing fireworks and checking on the music and food planned for this festive occasion. These tasks can be done "in any order," according to Ozzy, before being left to power up the portal once these tasks are completed.

The phonograph can be the first thing to tackle as it's beside the portal entrance, and they can speak to Oleander, who alludes to dealing with fireworks as a "dangerous" task. A League of Legends Champion, Veigar, is attending the party and appears to be scheming something sinister as players move towards Clover at the fireworks display to install the fireworks received from Ozzy.

bandle tale league of legends story quests guide dream come true quest objectives talk to gerbo serve food
Help Gerbo serve food at Ozzy's party at the Unity Tree before returning to Gerbo and Ozzy for the festivities to begin. (Picture: Lazy Bear Games & Riot Forge / Ashleigh Klein)

Lastly, they'll need to chat with Gerbo regarding the food for the party, and they'll need to collect some dishes from the chest nearby and serve them to the attendees. They can place any of the dishes on each table before returning to Gerbo, and then Ozzy will start the party and charge the portal.

Things don't appear to be okay with the portal, and despite this, they must interact with the Portal Yarn, in which a cutscene plays on what happened once the portal was charged. The portal started to collapse, and Ozzy, Clover, and a few other Yordles got sucked up, causing a reaction that saw all connected portals and bridges destroyed.

Various structures were also destroyed on neighboring islands, and after speaking with Tristana, their journey began to save Bandle City. This concludes the Dream Come True quest, in which they'll receive three Skill Points and 20 Badge XP towards the Knitting Pupil Badge and can start the following quest: Unexpected Consequences.