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All Battlefield 2042 Specialists - traits, classes, and gadgets

The latest twist on the recently released Battlefield 2042 is the inclusion of specialists who will fulfil specific roles with unique abilities to give you an edge throughout your matches.
All Battlefield 2042 Specialists - traits, classes, and gadgets

As we are closing on the final weeks of the year, Battlefield 2042 was one of the biggest names that have been released lately, although the developers have faced some early pushback that continued the same narrative that the community had after participating in the beta test.

Regardless of first impressions, the latest edition of the iconic FPS franchise still has serious potential to turn reviews around based on things they have done well in the past and some fine-tuning they have to do in order to reclaim the franchise's essence.

One of the brand new changes made to the game's main structure is the inclusion of specialists, which adds a new dimension to each match as each of the operators has a unique skill set that could be the difference between winning and going home empty-handed.

All Specialist in Battlefield 2042

BF 2042 All Specialists One Shot
In Battlefield 2042 we get to choose between 10 unique characters that will take us to war. (Picture: Electronic Arts)

The idea of creating unique personalities, tendencies, skills and gadgets per specialist has definitely given BF 2042 a natural edge over similar titles as it adds a new dimension of customization before every match beyond all of the weapons available.

Constantin "Angel" Anghel

BF 2042 All Specialist - Angel
The gadget specialist will help teammates with ammo and armour throughout the match. (Picture: Electronic Arts)

Anghel’s name is a nice reference to the flying entities and how they are connected with help from above as his gadget “Loadout Crate” will spawn armour and ammunition supplies for him and his nearby teammates.

His unique ability is a medic type called “Trauma Specialist” which will allow him to revive allies with full armour which will make them less feeble shortly after reviving.

Pyotr "Boris" Guskovsky

BF 2042 All Specialist - Boris
The Russian engineer will become your team´s best flanker in Battlefield 2042. (Picture: Electronic Arts)

This specialist is designed for defensive experts, but it doesn´t necessarily mean they will remain in the back of the formation. As a flanker, this Battlefield 2042 specialist can also be helpful while pushing on the opposing team.

Both his gadget and unique ability are directly related to his equipment, an SG-36 Sentry Gun, which will automatically down rivals within range while alert Pyotr of those nearby enemies to add a second, hidden defensive line.

Wikus "Casper" Van Daele

BF 2042 All Specialist - Casper
The ultimate recon expert will help identify which areas are swarmed with enemies. (Picture: Electronic Arts)

Originally from South Africa, Wikus is a lone wolf that has expertise in recon work and long-distance shooting, which we believe works better on smaller areas like the ones found in alternative game modes like Hazard Zone.

His unique ability, “Movement Sensor” will allow you to detect incoming enemies so you can be prepared for engagement or also use your exclusive OV-P Recon Drone to spot enemies and confuse them with EMP blasts.

Santiago "Dozer" Espinoza

BF 2042 All Specialist - Dozer
Espinoza was betrayed by the USA and deported back to Mexico before becoming a weaponsmith. (Picture: Electronic Arts)

This weapon specialist is one of the better-rounded operators as he can become a great shield for himself and his nearby teammates as both his gadget and unique ability are of a defensive nature.

His ability “Blast Resistant” will grant him extra resiliency against explosive attacks like grenades or launchers which is actually an amazing compliment to his gadget, a classic Riot Shield, that allows players to move safely around the chaos of battle.

Maria Falck

BF 2042 All Specialist - Falck
The medic expert can change a whole outlook if her abilities are used correctly. (Picture: Electronic Arts)

Falck is one of those specialists that is a must in every match as her medic abilities allow the team to endure relentless attacks as she heals them with her gadget, an S21 Syrette Pistol, which if shot to allies will top up their health.

Her unique ability, as expected, is also of a healing nature. Even though every player can revive teammates, she can get them back to action with full strength with “Combat Surgeon”.

Kimble "Irish" Graves

BF 2042 All Specialist - Irish
A known face from Battlefield 4 comes back as a war veteran ready for battle. (Picture: Electronic Arts)

This character is the vivid image of a war veteran, so it makes sense that he has a unique ability with that same name, that makes him more durable against opposing firepower.

He has a two-in-one gadget as it works as a deployable cover to protect him and his teammates from enemies while also having an APS-36 Shooting Sentinel that will protect you from explosive attacks.

Webster Mackay

BF 2042 All Specialist - Mackay
Mackay is probably the only Canadian who´s not nice as he is one of the better offensive specialists. (Picture: Electronic Arts)

Mackay is one of the quickest operators in Battlefield 2042 thanks to his unique ability “Nimble” which increases his movement speed whenever you are not aiming which is better for players with an offensive style.

His gadget also complements this aggressive approach as his “Grappling Hook” allows you to get to higher grounds in a beat and scan the terrain for your next movement.

Ji-Soo Paik

BF 2042 All Specialist - Paik
The EMG-X Scanner is the ultimate recon device. (Picture: Electronic Arts)

Along with “Casper”, Paik is also a recon expert that is always useful in every squad to lay the best attacking strategy to try and snatch that victory from the hands of the enemies.

Both her gadget and ability really enhance this specialist’s personality as “Threat Perception” will disclose enemy positions and return fire of those who shoot you. Her equipment, the EMG-X Scanner, will reveal enemies for you, even through walls which obviously works better in smaller areas.

Navin Rao

BF 2042 All Specialist - Rao
A very technically-minded gadget specialist will hack into enemy lines to gain some intel. (Picture: Electronic Arts)

Rao was one of the most intriguing operators in Battlefield 2042, as his ability, “Trojan Network”, is described as an intel hack that grants you intel from the enemies.

Now we know that this hack gives you a specific target from the opposing team that whenever you kill him or her, will reveal the position of surrounding enemies which complements his Cyber Warfare Suite to disable enemy vehicles and warfare equipment.

Emma "Sundance" Rosier

BF 2042 All Specialist - Sundance
The only “flying” operator offers superb mobility through the BF 2042 maps. (Picture: Electronic Arts)

Last but not least, Rosier is a Frenchwoman who is an adrenaline junkie and was one of the most expected specialists as her gadget, the Wingsuit, will allow you to move quickly from buildings to the ground without taking any damage.

Just like Mackay, Rosier offers an improved movement speed that enhances offensive playstyles and her Smart Explosives will even help you go through bigger calibre vehicles and enemies.

Our advice is to try as many combinations as possible to find the playstyle that fits your playstyle the best, or even create one if necessary in order to get as many victories as possible in Battlefield 2042.


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Feature image courtesy of Electronic Arts.