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Battlefield 2042 bullets don't match aiming: Bullet spreading and Aim Assist explained

If you think that your bullets are not hitting where you are aiming in Battlefield 2042, you are not hallucinating. Why is the bullet spread mechanic in Battlefield 2042 so seemingly random and are devs planning on changing things? Let's find out.
Battlefield 2042 bullets don't match aiming: Bullet spreading and Aim Assist explained

Battlefield 2042 has finally been released globally, and fans are... not happy, to put it lightly.

The community has been loud about numerous questionable design choices since the beta, and yet, developers were determined to stand behind their decisions, and thus the final release of the game has arrived without any significant gameplay changes.

We are talking about things like the omission of voice chat, the absence of the classic scoreboard, the removal of the squad change system, and much more.

Amongst numerous issues that have angered the community, one that also stands out is the rather strange behaviour of bullets, as it seems that bullet deviation and spread are completely random and uncontrollable, with countless videos showing players shooting directly at their targets from a reasonable distance and yet missing almost every shot.

Is this random bullet spread mechanic just a glitch or an intentional gameplay design?

Battlefield 2042 random bullet spread explained

As you can see in the compilation above, the bullet spread pattern of almost all weapons in the game seems completely random and players' ability to influence it with good aiming is almost non-existing in the most extreme cases.

This has been met with both ridicule and anger as it is definitely meme material, but also something you absolutely don't want to see in a game you've just bought for a hefty price.

Battlefield 2042 bullets don't match aiming: Bullet spreading and Aim Assist explained
In the most severe cases, players shoot directly at a static target and miss. (Picture: EA/7ordank)

Battlefield 2042's bullet spread mechanic is clearly much more intense compared to its competition (COD Vanguard and Halo Infinite), and it's frustrating for many players who feel like they have no control over their aim. This creates a gameplay experience where your skills are less important, and you are more reliant on luck.

Any RNG (random number generator) elements in competitive games are frowned upon and should be avoided as much as possible. Particularly pro players are huge opponents of RNG, with the ex-CS:GO pro Shroud saying it "makes the game easier for bad players."

Due to a huge outcry, developers have responded to the criticism prior to the game's full release on 19th November.

Speaking about the concerns, DICE's lead game designer said that they are "planning on a few changes regarding spread", without adding what these changes will be or providing a specific date when will they be implemented.

Unfortunately, the planned changes were not ready for the global launch day, thus players are still experiencing exaggerated bullet deviation and complaining about not being able to hit their targets due to bullets not matching their aim.

For now, the unpredictable random spread remains, until DICE implements the promised changes.

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Feature image courtesy of Electronic Arts