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Battlefield 2042 devs consider return of legacy scoreboard, server browser and voice chat

Battlefield 2042 developers EA and DICE addressed several major launch issues, and are considering bringing back "legacy features" like the classic scoreboard.
Battlefield 2042 devs consider return of legacy scoreboard, server browser and voice chat

After the early release of Battlefield 2042, developers Electronic Arts (EA) and DICE were slammed with immense outcry from fans regarding a menu of issues, including glitches, game-breaking bugs, and exploits present in the game. This subsequently attracted a flood of negative comments from unhappy fans.

Followingly, EA and DICE announced the release of its second major post-launch patch on 25th November, which addresses several of the game's major issues.

Additionally, the developers revealed that they would consider returning several "legacy features, such as the classic scoreboard, server browser, and voice chat.

Battlefield 2042 devs address biggest launch issues

According to the Battlefield 2042 official blog post, there will also be a third "substantial" follow-up patch released in December. However, in the upcoming update, players can expect hardware, server, gunplay, and balance improvements summarised below.

Battlefield 2042 devs address biggest launch issues
Battlefield 2042 devs address the biggest launch issues. (Picture: DICE / EA)

DICE revealed the following improvements headed to Update #2:

  • Improved Soldier Revives, addressing 'unable to revive when a Soldier dies close to an object, or wall'.
  • A respawn protection system that will help to prevent any extraneous issues that can leave a player in a downed state for too long and force a manual respawn when required.
  • Re-enabling the UAV-1 Interaction in Battlefield Portal, available on the Battlefield Bad Company 2 maps. It was overpowered, and we've made adjustments to account for that.
  • Vehicle Balancing for the LCAA Hovercraft and MD540 Nightbird mentioned above.
  • Dispersion has been reduced for all weapons except Shotguns, which results in more consistent bullet spread during gameplay.

In addition to these fixes, the developers also addressed the return of "legacy features."

In the blogpost, DICE said: "We also want to give you the assurance that we're carefully evaluating your desire to see legacy features return. End-of-match Scoreboard, Server Browser, and features like Voice Chat are big topics for us to cover all at once, and we have plenty we want to say around them."

Battlefield 2042 developers will consider return of the legacy scoreboard
Battlefield 2042 developers will consider the return of the legacy scoreboard. (Picture: DICE / EA)

"We'll come back to you when we have things that we can show to you, including details about our long-term vision for certain features and functions," the company continued.

Given the length of the blog post, it would not be practical to list all of the changes here. So, instead, we encourage you to read the official blog post for any further details.


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Featured image courtesy of DICE / Electronic Arts.