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Battlefield 2042 Season 1 - Future Maps Will Have Smaller Scales

Battlefield 2042 brings back a focus to close-quarters combat and smaller maps in Season 1. You can find the complete details here.
Battlefield 2042 Season 1 - Future Maps Will Have Smaller Scales

Season 1 of Battlefield 2042 is promising to bring new content such as weapons and a map to spice up the existing game, but it's the change to the base ideas that could mean more than anything else. Adding a huge player count with massive maps was a selling point for 2042, but that could change going forward.

With the release of the latest Battlefield in November of 2021, the default player count was set to 128 players, effectively doubling what was possible in the past. This makes battles seem much more epic on the surface, but it made each map flow in a way that the player base disliked. Zero Hour aims to change that with future maps rather than player count entirely.

Smaller maps will get priority in Battlefield 2042 Season 1 and onward

Exposure map
The newest map takes players to Canada. (Picture: Electronic Arts)

In the update outline from the Battlefield 2042 playtest, DICE developers went over some of the biggest changes making way to Season 1 Zero Hour. The new content is welcome, and it may seem small for how long the update has taken, but DICE made it clear that the older content in the game is getting some fixes.

One of the first steps in that regard is changing the philosophy of Battlefield 2042 back to a 64-player mindset for Breakthrough, while Conquest will get smaller maps for the 128-player modes. 64-player games won't become the priority going forward, but all future maps will be designed with much faster battles in mind.

Exposure is the first new map added to the game in Season 1. The points on the new map set in Canada are far more limited than every other map in the base game, and it resembles the pathways found in other games. On top of changing directions for future content, DICE confirmed that changes were also coming to existing maps.

One of the largest complaints about the base maps in Battlefield 2042 was the lack of cover on each map. There were a ton of empty expanses between every point, and it made movement frustrating. DICE confirmed that they would be adding more covering, raising the terrain, creating flank positions, and changing the flow.

New weapons will follow the map changes into Season 1. (Picture: Electronic Arts)

Kaleidoscope was named as one of the first maps that will get some of these sweeping changes. As they are each altered to fit the changing mindset, it's possible that the overall scale will be lowered as well, but that remains to be seen. At the very least, there will be far fewer attack points going forward.

It sounds like DICE has at least four more seasons ahead, so expect more close-quarters maps with plenty of cover.

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Featured image courtesy of Electronic Arts.