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How many GB is Battlefield 2042? PC, PlayStation, and Xbox BF 2042 file size

Battlefield 2042 release is imminent and here's how much space you need to allocate in order to install BF 2042.
Battlefield 2042 has been out for a week for the owners of the Ultimate and Gold editions, but the global release is set for Friday, 19th November.

The game's reception in the community during the early access hasn't been great, as there's a huge outcry among veterans who disagree with many of the new design changes, like the omission of voice chat, removal of the classic scoreboard, numerous performance issues, and more.

Still, there's hope that things will be improved along the way, as the game hasn't technically even been released yet.

If you have bought the Standard Edition of the game and are wondering how much space will it take on your PC or console, here's the full Battlefield 2042 file size breakdown.

Battlefield 2042 file size on PS5/PS4

How Many GB Is Battlefield 2042? PC, PlayStation, and Xbox BF 2042 file size
Both PS4 and PS5 versions of Battlefield 2042 are the same size. (Picture: EA)

If you are playing the game on your PlayStation, make sure to have at least 42GB of space available, which is the game's file size at launch.

The file size is, as far as we are aware, the same for both PS5 and PS4, there is no difference between the generations in that regard.

Battlefield 2042 file size on Xbox Series X / One

When it comes to Xbox consoles, if you own the Xbox One, you will be glad to hear that the game takes the least amount of space on Microsoft's last-gen console, while being slightly bigger on the Xbox Series X|S.

  • Xbox One: 27.60 GB
  • Xbox Series X|S: 51.42 GB

How big is Battlefield 2042 for PC?

How Many GB Is Battlefield 2042? PC, PlayStation, and Xbox BF 2042 file size
For reasons unknown to us, BF 2042 takes more than double the space compared to console versions. (Picture: EA)

We are not sure why, but according to the official system requirements, as listed on Battlefield 2042's Steam page, you will need a whopping 100 GB of space on your drive, so make sure to make some space before starting to install the game.

Keep in mind that all these numbers are only in regard to the basic, launch versions of the game, and it is quite possible that DICE has a Day 1 patch ready to address numerous issues raised during the early access period, so you might consider having a few more GBs of space in reserve, just in case.

Battlefield 2042 launches on Friday, 19th November, and you can check out the full release schedule here.

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Featured image courtesy of DICE / CryptoDozer.