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Best K30 loadout for Battlefield 2042

The arrival of Battlefield 2042 has left players in awe with so many combinations that we can do between guns and specialists. Therefore we simplify this for you with the best loadout for the K30 SMG.
Best K30 loadout for Battlefield 2042

Since the official announcement back in June, Battlefield 2042 has had very high expectations as it aimed to continue being one of the household franchises in the FPS genre.

One of the perks that EA added in the game was the inclusion of defined roles in the shape of specialists, which creates unique matches every single time you play as you have a colossal amount of combinations before you clash in the arena.

Part of those choices you must make is the weapon you will use, and the K30 sub-machine gun seems to be a great choice to start, so we decided to help you out and build the best loadout for you.

This Battlefield 2042 weapon has a ridiculous fire rate for an SMG 

Battlefield 2042 K30 Best Loadout
The K30 is a very handy SMG that will aid your aim with an amazingly fast fire rate. (Picture: Electronic Arts)

The K30 by itself is already a very light and quick SMG that works better from mid to close range, and it has very decent firepower that would quickly hunt down opponents.

Nonetheless, here is our best loadout for the K30:

  • Sight: K8 Holo
  • Ammunition: Extended Mag
  • Underbarrel: Cobra Grip
  • Barrel: Factory Barrel

As we mention, the K30 by itself has decent firepower that’s why we will keep the Factory Barrel; although we do want a boost on accuracy to complement the rapid-fire, that’s the reason we include the Cobra Grip to help with recoil and the K8 Holo to get a clean image and a nice zoom.

Battlefield 2042 Best K30 Loadout Cross Menu
Battlefield 2042 allows you to quickly edit your weapon to change from range to damage in a whisp. (Picture: Electronic Arts)

As we already reviewed in our Battlefield 2042 weapon tier list, the K30 is a great weapon for starters as it has an incredibly fast fire rate that remedies your aiming while you´re getting used to it.

This, of course, takes a toll on your ammo as you may find yourself constantly reloading after downing an opponent or two, which makes you easy prey for other players, which is where the extended mag helps us out.

If you will be adopting a more “flanking” role for your team, maybe as a recon specialist, we would recommend including in your cross menu a silencer to keep your position hidden while moving through the map.


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Feature image courtesy of Electronic Arts.