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Best PBX-45 loadout for Battlefield 2042

Despite its colossal maps, Battlefield 2042 has some areas that entice closer combat and an SMG like the PBX-45 could be a great companion for those situations.
Best PBX-45 loadout for Battlefield 2042

The Battlefield 2042 experience has been very exciting so far, as the introduction of the specialists have welcomed combinations that we never thought we could do in an FPS before.

A recon expert with a long-range shot, a flanker with close combat expertise or even a medic with the firepower to take down tanks, everything is possible in the virtual realms of the newest edition of the franchise.

This, of course, happens because we also have a full range of weapons that can be used with any operator making it seem like we have infinite combinations, yet there are some guns that are just really good to master from the get-go and the PBX-45 is one of them.

The PBX-45 is a quick, agile SMG that works better in closer ranges in Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 PBX-45 Best Loadout
The PBX-45 has decent firepower for a very light weapon that allows you to move quickly throughout the map. (Picture: Electronic Arts)

We know there are some people who prefer the K30 over the PBX-45 but the only reason we have the latter ranked higher than the K30 is that it has a more controllable recoil/fire rate combo for starters which is key for a run-and-gun style of play.

Before we go any further, here is our best loadout for the PBX-45:

  • Muzzle: Factory Barrel
  • Scope: K8 Holo
  • Ammunition: Standard Issue
  • Mount: Cobra Grip

If you remember our best loadout for the K30, the only difference is that we decided to keep the standard magazine instead of switching to power rounds as we want to keep the great mobility that the gun already has, other than that we are going with the same combo of the Factory Barrel, the K8 Holo scope and the Cobra Grip to boost our recoil control and accuracy.

Battlefield 2042 Best PBX-45 Loadout Cross Menu
The Cobra Grip has become a standard in many weapons as it helps tremendously with recoil. (Picture: Electronic Arts)

Again, it matches very similarly with the K30, and honestly, it will come down to preferences at the end to decide which is the best submachine gun, but both are great options if you like to get into the action instead of watching from afar.

If you haven´t been able to build your first loadout we would also recommend you to check out our tier list for all base weapons and it will help you out to get a jumpstart on your first couple of matches.


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Feature image courtesy of Electronic Arts.