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Biomutant: Best early game loot and how you can get it

Loot in Biomutant is largely random but there a number of places in the early game where you can find some powerful loot.
Biomutant: Best early game loot and how you can get it

Entertainment 101's Biomutant is perhaps one of the year's more interesting games, the third-person action roleplaying game puts you in control of your own highly customizable mammalian warrior and sends you into the world with the overarching mission being whether you protect or attempt to destroy the damaged "Tree of Life".

The game's customization is extensive, from the initial character building to an impressive weapon crafting system and bio-mechanical body parts that you can add to your character granting them the ability to fly, climb, or jump higher among other things.

Looting is also an important aspect of the game, with players able to create new weapons and improve old ones by adding "Affixes" to them. Some of these add-ons are not easy to find though, with much of the game's loot being random. However, there are a few key pieces that will almost always be at certain locations and in the early game knowing where to find these can drastically improve your prospects throughout your run.

If getting the best early game loot in Biomutant is something that interests you then you have come to the right place as this guide will show you the location of five early looting opportunities.

Best early game loot in Biomutant

This guide will show you where to get the best rare and legendary loot in Biomutant and includes weapons, items, consumables, and armour parts.

After you complete the starting tutorial you will find yourself doing the "Evolution Gone Wrong" mission which will task you with killing 5 Muckly Gnats.

Electric module

Once you have killed them and as you leave that area you will head to Bunker 101, and from there down the corridor here.

Early game loot biomutant
(Picture: DPJ)

Head down the corridor but before turning right look towards the vegetation that sits there, amongst the growth you will notice an Ammo Crate.

Ammo Crate Biomutant
(Picture: DPJ)

Inside this, you are very likely to find an Electric Module which is one of the game's special effect add-ons. 

Electric module
(Picture: DPJ)

This module will add extra Electric damage to whatever weapon you attach it to, lasting for a set amount of time based on its quality.

Incendiary Module

The next looting opportunity up is the Incendiary Module, similar to the previous Electric Module and it can be found by siding with the Jagni Tribe.

Head through the main doors of the Jagni camp and immediately take a left and head towards the large waterfall.

Fire module biomutant(Picture: DPJ)

You want to jump through the waterfall and on the other side is an Incendiary Module.

Waterfall fire module biomutants
(Picture: DPJ)

The Klonkfist secret room

The next piece of loot is something a bit different and can be found when you are doing The Klonkfist side quest. Once you've broken down the wall you will come to a metal gate.

Metal gate
(Picture: DPJ)

Pry it open with a crowbar. This room is full of tasty loot and at least one rare or legendary item, we found an FNUTTPUT.

(Picture: DPJ)

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