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COD Mobile Gung-Ho Perk - How to unlock, challenges and rewards

Here's a step-by-step guide to unlocking the Gung-Ho Perk in COD Mobile Season 5, completing all the challenges for some great rewards.
COD Mobile Gung-Ho Perk - How to unlock, challenges and rewards

Do you hate having to stop to throw a grenade or reload in COD Mobile, wasting precious seconds in the process? Well, then the brand-new Gung-Ho Perk, introduced with COD Mobile Season 5, is just what you need. In this guide to unlocking the Gung-Ho Perk in COD Mobile, we aim to help gamers who simply never want to stop going, featuring all five seasonal challenges you need to complete, and their respective rewards, with the main prize obviously being the Gung-Ho perk.

How to unlock Gung-Ho Perk in COD Mobile Season 5

You will need to complete a total of five challenges to unlock the Gung-Ho Perk via the latest COD Mobile Season 5 seasonal challenges.

Before we get started, we recommend you pick a great weapon for the job, from the new CR-56 AMAX with the best loadout to other top assault rifles, SMGs or LMGs, as you will need to fire a lot of bullets!

how to unlock gung-ho perk challenges rewards cod mobile season 5
(Picture: Activision)

To unlock the Gung-Ho Perk, you will need to complete these seasonal challenges below, in order. As you complete one, another one unlocks. The Gung-Ho seasonal challenges also offer some extra rewards.

Gung-Ho seasonal challenges & rewards:

  • Kill 15 enemies in any game mode - 200 Credits and 1000 Battle Pass XP
  • Throw 10 Flashbang grenades in any mode - Pirahna Crunch and 1000 Battle Pass XP
  • Fire 1500 bullets in multiplayer matches - 15 Weapon XP Cards 2000 Battle Pass XP
  • Kill 15 enemies with headshots in multiplayer matches - FR .556 – Helm and 3000 Battle Pass XP
  • Kill 25 enemies with the Lightweight and Alert Perk equipped - Gung-Ho Perk and 4000 Battle Pass XP

As you can see from the challenges, they are quite self-explanatory. For firing 1500 bullets in Multiplayer matches, we recommend using one of the best LMGs out there, since they have high bullet counts.

Even if you don't end up using the Gung-Ho Perk in your loadout, the rewards for the seasonal challenges in COD Mobile Season 5 might still be worth it. Most of these challenges will be completed by players just by enjoying the game, after all.

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