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Na'Vi CS:GO Player S1mple Slams ESL And Hotel For Mold Issue

Na'Vi CS:GO player Oleksandr Olehovych “s1mple” Kostyliev has called out ESL and Salini Resorts for poor hotel room conditions.
Na'Vi CS:GO Player S1mple Slams ESL And Hotel For Mold Issue

Professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) players are constantly traveling across the world to participate in various tournaments worth thousands of dollars.  Na’Vi player and CS:GO legend Oleksandr Olehovych “s1mple” Kostyliev is no stranger to these events and has been playing professionally for years. However, it seems traveling to Malta to participate in the EPL S16 tournament and staying in a hotel organized by ESL hasn’t been what he’d expected.

On 24th September 2022, s1mple called out ESL for housing Na’Vi’s CS:GO team in a “sh*t hotel” with mold that he and his team had to live with for weeks. Despite trying to communicate with employees of the four-star hotel and ESL, the issue wasn’t resolved according to s1mple. It was only after he Tweeted and publicly slammed the tournament organizer and hotel was this issue resolved.

Na’Vi CS:GO Player S1mple Slams ESL and Hotel

s1mple slammed esl salini resorts poor unhygienic hotel room conditions
S1mple slammed ESL and Salini Resorts for poor, unhygienic hotel room conditions.

While training and preparing with his team, s1mple didn’t enjoy the living conditions of the hotel rooms ESL had organized for him, stating that he’d “wake up to ants in [his] bed” and find mold on the walls. He publicly addressed these issues with ESL and the hotel, Salini Resorts.

In his Tweet, s1mple stated, ”hey ESL wake up and tell your employees to remember what professionalism is, terrible communication with the teams and with this shit hotel.”

In a reply below stating that s1mple always “complains,” the professional player stated that if he didn’t, he and his team would have to live with these terrible room conditions for weeks to come.

S1mple replied, “dude, I don’t wanna complain but if I wake up with ants in bed and look at the wall on the mold in four-star hotel, then I don’t know.”

The professional player added, “and I never ever complained about this, I just get mad because I had two rooms, yesterday they told me that I need to check out from one room at 11 am and when I wake up today, they tell me to move to the same room from yesterday and check out from this one.”

Following s1mple’s complaint of the poor hotel room conditions, Na’Vi released a short statement, revealing that ESL had resolved these issues. The esports organization stated, “we shared our feedback and thank ESL for helping Sasha resolve all the issues.”

Despite resolving these issues, s1mple continued to slam the hotel on 26th September 2022, this time for lying about the mold issues. He stated that he didn’t leave food around the room and that the mold was cleaned on 10th September 2022, but the mold was “always there.” 

The professional player also revealed that he’d stayed in three separate rooms because of the unhygienic issues. S1mple stated, “also in addition to this room, I specifically rented another room in this bloody hotel and one more room in another hotel, so basically I lived in three different rooms in the last 2 weeks, from 10th September until now.”

s1mple live poor hotel room conditions for weeks
S1mple had to live with these poor hotel room conditions for weeks, according to the player.

ESL has supposedly already resolved this issue, but it seems the hotel is lying about the cause of the problem, blaming it on s1mple, according to the professional player.

Until all parties provide more information, the truth is uncertain. But in conclusion, s1mple stated tomorrow all the “lies will come out,” implying he’ll be publicly exposing Salini Resorts, a four-star hotel in Malta, for lying about their poor room conditions and covering it up.

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All featured images are courtesy of Instagram via s1mple.