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Is Ghost Face In Hooked On You?

Let's check out if Ghost Face is in Hooked on You and find out whether or not you can date the iconic killer in the DBD Dating Simulator.
Is Ghost Face In Hooked On You?

Hooked on You was recently released on Steam, and lots of players are wondering if their favorite characters are in the game. After all, who wouldn't want to date a terrifying killer from Dead by Daylight?

If you're one of the people out there wondering if Ghost Face is in Hooked on You, then you're in the right place. In this article, we'll explain if you can see the killer Ghost Face in the Dead by Daylight dating simulator.

Is Ghost Face In Hooked On You? DBD Dating Simulator

Ghost Face
Ghost Face is in Hooked on You. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive/Psyop)

Yes, Ghost Face actually is in Hooked on You! He isn't one of the main four date-able killers, but he is in the game - if only for a few seconds.

While playing through the Huntress' story, you'll get to peer through over at IP Island - and while you won't get to see very much of the island itself, you do get a peek of the killer Ghost Face, who apparently resides over there. (Of course, it's Dead by Daylight's Danny Johnson rather than one of the licensed Ghost Face killers from Scream).

He offers you a little wave before you get back to the story with Huntress. This is an awesome little easter egg for fans of the Ghost Face.

Can You Date The Ghost Face?

Ghost Face DBD Dating Simulator
While Ghost Face makes a brief appearance in Hooked on You, you aren't able to date him - a sad day for fans. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Unfortunately, you aren't able to actually date Ghost Face in Hooked on You; you aren't even able to get close to him since he's on the other island.

It makes sense that every killer couldn't be featured in Hooked on You - especially killers with licensed elements, like Ghost Face, whose mask is featured. Still, it would be great to see him in Hooked on You. With his cocky personality and sometimes silly demeanor, he'd fit right in in the dating simulator.

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Featured image courtesy of YouTube / DStrike.

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