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Destiny 2: Where to find Hawkmoon exotic quest feathers

Bungie shocked Destiny 2 fans by dropping the latest exotic quest that will grant players the fan-favourite Destiny 2 hand cannon, Hawkmoon. Here's how to get all feathers of the As The Crow Flies quest.
Destiny 2: Where to find Hawkmoon exotic quest feathers

Update: Once you're done finding all the feathers, check out how to complete the follow up quest given to you by The Crow 

Destiny 2 fans have been enjoying the latest expansion that kicked off Year 4 of the ongoing looter shooter, Beyond Light, and all the content that Bungie has been steadily dropping in the following weeks.

After the Deep Stone Crypt raid was unlocked, a new pool of exotics weapons was made available, some via exotic quests such as The Lament sword, or as raid exclusives like The Eyes of Tomorrow rocket launcher. Now, we finally can get our hands on fan-favorite hand cannon, Hakwmoon.

Players have struggled to find all the feathers required for the first half of the journey, as there's a total of five scattered throughout all of the worlds. 

Without further ado, let's get down to it, and guide you step-by-step so that you can get your hands on Hawkmoon in no time.

Do keep in mind that this exotic quest is available to Season Pass owners only.

It is also worth noting, this specific quest WON'T grant you Hawkmoon, instead is a precursor to the actual quest which The Crow will give you upon collecting all feathers.

Where to find all Hawkmoon feathers

Once you log in to Destiny 2, you'll see this notification on the left side of your directory, meaning you can start the exotic quest right away. Head over to Spider in The Tangled Shore.

Destiny 2 hawkmoon
(Picture: Bungie)

As The Crow Flies - All feather locations

This quest will see  you trying to recover feather's across different planets. The first one is an absolute freebie, as you'll find it right at Spider's lair entrance.

hawkmoon feather locations
(Picture: Bungie)

hawkmoon photo
(Picture: Bungie)

For the second feather, head over to the European Dead Zone (EDZ) via The Sludge Landing Zone. You'll find it atop of a rusty abandoned metal structure. 

destiny feather locations
(Picture: Bungie)

hawkmoon how to get
(Picture: Bungie)

Fly to the Cosmodrome and drop via The Steppes Landing Zone. To your right, climb on top of the rubble and you'll spot the third feather.

hawkmoon cosmodrome
(Picture: Bungie)

hawkmoon perks
(Picture: Bungie)

Take a trip to The Dreaming City and head to the entrance that leads to The Blind Well public event location, you'll find it on the left side just before you enter the hallway.

destiny 2 hawkmoon
(Picture: Bungie)

Feathers hawkmoon
(Picture: Bungie)

For the final feather, travel to the Moon using the Sanctuary Landing Zone. Next up, head north to Archer's Line and go down this path picture below. Enter the Hive cave.

moon destiny 2
(Picture: Bungie)

destiny 2
(Picture: Bungie)

Once you reach the Hall of Wisdom, keep moving and use the path on the left side of the structure.

hall of wisom
(Picture: Bungie)

Next up, you'll see a tight corridor behind this formation, it's a dull walk but make your way through it.

destiny 2 exotic
(Picture: Bungie)

You'll eventually reach this room with a satellite looking construction. Walk past the satellite to find the last feather.

destiny 2 moon feather
(Picture: Bungie)

destiny 2 the crow
(Picture: Bungie)

Once you get all feathers, head back to The Tangled Shore and talk to The Crow. He'll have a whole new quest for you to embark on called Let Loose Thy Talons.

Stick around as we have a complete guide on how to finish the quest and get your hands on Hawkmoon.


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