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Digimon Survive Dokugumon Boss Guide – How To Beat And Strategies

Digimon Survive's Chapter 1 Part 1 features a terrifying battle with a large spider. Here are the best strategies to use to beat Dokugumon.
Digimon Survive Dokugumon Boss Guide – How To Beat And Strategies

Digimon Survive's first chapter lays out the game's story and introduces players to its gameplay mechanics through several tutorials. As you familiarize yourself with the game mechanics and story, you'll go head-to-head in your first boss battle against the spider, Digimon, Dokugumon.

While this may be your first battle, Dokugumon isn't an easy boss to face, as its deadly attacks can be detrimental if you're not battle-ready. This guide will assist you with the best strategies to defeat Dokugumon in Digimon Survive.

How to beat Dokugumon in Digimon Survive?

Dokugumon is the first major boss battle players will encounter during the events of Chapter 1 Part 1 in Digimon Survive. Appearing as a giant spider that uses toxic attacks and sticky webs to trap and incapacitate, you'll need to rescue Aoi, who this venomous Digimon traps.

digimon survive boss guide dokugumon how to defeat aoi web traps rescue
Dokugumon has trapped Aoi in its webs, and it's up to you to defeat the venomous Digimon to free her. (Picture: Bandai Namco)

After receiving a spirit lamp, which can be used to weaken Dokugumon, you'll be able to employ turn-based tactics to defeat the Digimon or, if you wish, befriend it. The Digimon does come into the battle with a sizable amount of health, which makes taking this foe down more challenging.

As it starts on the opposite side of the battle arena, there are smaller, weaker spiders that spawn with Dokugumon., which won't bother you unless you approach it. You're better off tackling the spiders first and picking them off using ranged attacks as they won't attack you once you've struck the larger Digimon.

digimon survive boos guide dokugumon how to beat smaller spiders spawn
Dokugumon will spawn several smaller spiders, which you can take down first before approaching the larger spider. (Picture: YouTube / SuperTwoU)

Do watch out for their venomous attacks, which can chip away at your health, and to mitigate this, have your party swarm the spiders to eliminate them from battle. Keep in mind your party's rotation order, which can prevent you from being overwhelmed by Dokugumon and its spiders.

Once the smaller spiders are taken out, you and your party can group and take down the Digimon one attack at a time. Be warned if a party member's Digimon is closest to Dokugumon as they'll likely take more damage, so try to keep some distance between you and the Digimon.

digimon survive boss guide dokugumon how to defeat venom attack fire damage agumon
Dokugumon is weak to fire damage, but if you get too close, you may get hit with some venom. (Picture: YouTube / SuperTwoU)

After its health depletes below 50%, it will trigger a cutscene where more spiders spawn, and your Digimon, likely Agumon, will digivolve. Eliminate the newly spawned spiders before trying to bring their health down to defeat Dokugumon and complete Part 1 successfully.

The best strategies to beat Dokugumon in Digimon Survive

You can implement a few strategies to defeat Dokugumon in Digimon Survive successfully. Isolating the Digimon from its spider minions and facing them one-on-one allows you and your party to have strength in numbers and quickly eliminate them without much struggle.

digimon survive boss guide dokugumon best strategies keep distance
Maintain distance between yourself and the smaller spiders or take significant poison damage during the boss battle. (Picture: YouTube / SuperTwoU)

This also makes it safer to approach each of them as you and your party will lose very little health, especially if attacking them from each side. It's crucial to eliminate the spiders in the early and second phases of the battle.

Having a Digimon that can deal fire damage to Dokugumon and its spider minions will be valuable in this battle as they are weak to these attacks. In the second phase of the battle, Agumon will digivolve to Tyrannomon, making the fight easier to handle.

Keep isolating Dokugumon from the spiders and take turns inflicting damage one at a time using ranged attacks. While this may take longer to complete, you and your party will take less damage and have more health to burn when facing Dokugumon.

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Featured image courtesy of Bandai Namco.