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Enshrouded Craftspeople Locations, How to Unlock Every Character

Learn how to find and unlock all five Craftspeople in Enshrouded to upgrade your equipment.
Enshrouded Craftspeople Locations, How to Unlock Every Character
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As you begin to explore the world of Enshrouded, you'll quickly discover there are several unlockables Craftspeople that'll expand much of the equipment and items you have access to. Unlocking each one will put you on the path to the next, and they're scattered pretty widely across the map.

Fortunately, you can unlock all the Craftspeople fairly early so long as you have a few navigation items crafted. We'll detail the location and what you need to unlock every character in Enshrouded.

Enshrouded Craftspeople Character Locations

Screenshot _28983_

There are five different Craftspeople in Enshrouded. The first, and easiest, to find will be the Oswald Anders the Blacksmith. When you tackle the early quest to Find the Sleeping Survivor, it'll point you towards the Ancient Vault - Blacksmith location where you can awaken and unlock him.

All the NPC Craftspeople in Enshrouded are unlocked by reaching them inside their marked Ancient Vault on the map above. You will need to craft a Glider and a Grappling Hook for some of the later ones, but with a little creativity all of them can be reached and unlocked when you're still as early as Level 6.

As you seek to reach each location, you want to get used to removing and placing a new Flame Altar as you get progressively further away from your main base. Keep a new Flame Altar with you, travel as far as you can before night begins to fall, place a new Flame Altar, fast travel back home, sleep, and repeat this process. You'll be able to fast travel to wherever you left off, and can remove the Flame Altar if you're at the maximum and place a new one once you're closer to your destination.

You can also use the Pickaxe and Glider to help traverse large distances. You may not have the altitude from a nearby cliff face to pass over an Enshrouded area to the next safe location. In that case, use the Pickaxe and carve out an upward path at any nearby mountain. Build your path one strike at a time, using the Flame Altar method if you run out of daylight or need to go repair items, and you can get very far.

Once each of the Craftspeople in Enshrouded is unlocked, you'll need to craft a Summoning Staff with some twigs. You can summon them at different locations and get creative with placement later, but just focus on gathering them all at your main base while unlocking each NPC.

Blacksmith Ancient Vault

Screenshot _28519_

The only location partially obscured on the map above, the Blacksmith will require you to either cross through the shroud beneath Braelyn Bridge or craft a Grappling Hook to traverse above the shroud. As you approach the location, you'll have to defeat a few enemies in front of the vault and one inside.

Make sure to lock onto and use block against these opponents if you're struggling. The one closer to the vault has an Explosive Barrel beside him that you can detonate with any arrow. You'll face one more on the inside and then be able to Awaken the Survivor.

Alchemist Ancient Vault

Screenshot _28670_

Next up, you'll want to make your way to Balthazar the Alchemist at his Ancient Vault to the west. A little pickaxe work may help you pass through a few areas quicker, but this one shouldn't be too challenging to reach.

Using the same methods above, take out any scavenger enemies you run into along the way. Once you reach the vault, you can once again Awaken the Survivor and get Balthazar the Alchemist at your base.

Hunter Ancient Vault

Screenshot _28663_

You will absolutely need the Grappling Hook if you hope to unlock Athalan Skree the Hunter. The large cliffs west of this location that look down on an Enshrouded chasm can be used with the Glider to jump to the other side, but you'll need to Pickaxe your way up the mountain to get the necessary altitude.

You also want to place a Flame Altar near the vault once you're close and travel back home to make sure your backpack isn't full of anything useful. There are several traps in this Ancient Vault, and you'll have to use the Grappling Hook to navigate lava and rush past obstacles. It's very easy to miss something and suddenly die, so the best thing is to just make sure death won't take long to return from.

Farmer Ancient Vault

Screenshot _28676_

The penultimate NPC acquisition will be Emily Fray the Farmer, and she's a good ways north on your map. Once again, the same slow excursion with a little Pickaxe and Glider creativity will get you all the way there even if you haven't unlocked the Double Jump.

You'll again be navigating traps and lava you can fall into while reaching this Survivor in her Ancient Vault. Be careful to have a nearby spawn location, and keep an eye out as there are a few Grappling Hook locations that are hard to spot.

Carpenter Ancient Vault

Screenshot _28801_

The fifth and final of the Enshrouded Craftspeople you'll unlock is Cade Hawthorn the Carpenter. He's by far the hardest to reach, as you'll have to navigate a few Enshrouded areas even with some Glider creativity.

If you fast travel back to the Cinder Vault, you can take an elevated path through the hills and cliffs on the southern edge of the map. Keep using the Pickaxe to gain elevation when you can, and you should spot a Shroud Root along the way. You can glide down to this Shroud Root with the right elevation, chop it down, and quickly bolt to the other side where an abandoned village is free of the shroud.

Once again, place a Flame Altar when you're safely on the other side and use that to continue your journey towards the Carpenter's Ancient Vault. You'll run into some wolves and scavengers along the way, but you don't actually have to defeat all of them and everything you run into.

This Ancient Vault is Enshrouded, and you can rush past enemies and push your way inside until you reach and Awaken the Survivor. Once you've done that, even dying inside after awakening them won't nullify things.

Remember that these earliest unlockables don't need to be you 100% clearing an area. You just need to reach them, and they can then be summoned and utilized at your base as you work to complete other quests and unlock all their skills in Enshrouded.