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100 Thieves sign TinaKitten after accidental leak

Twitch streamer TinaKitten has officially signed with 100Thieves after the organisation got ahead of themselves, leaking her eventual arrival by dressing up the compound in style.
100 Thieves sign TinaKitten after accidental leak

The rumours have been confirmed: Twitch streamer TinaKitten has joined 100 Thieves. This followed just days after the organisation’s Cash App Compound was wrapped in pink and carrots, along with the streamer’s name emblazoned on the building.

While presumably baffling passersby, turning the compound into a literal billboard may have been the hint confirming the streamer’s arrival to the organisation.

100 Thieves sign TinaKitten after accidental leak

A recent video uploaded to the 100 Thieves official YouTube channel suggests that TinaKitten may have possibly been the one behind the compound’s new look. This speculation follows after she engaged in a friendly prank war with the organisation’s talent.

Whether the leak was indeed accidental or not, TinaKitten is the latest Twitch streamer to join the organisation along with fellow Twitch streamers, Valkyrae and BrookeAB.

100Thieves officially signs Twitch streamer TinaKitten
100 Thieves officially signs Twitch streamer TinaKitten. (Picture: Twitter / 100 Thieves)

The streamer has frequently collaborated with Valkyrae and BrookeAB in the past, especially during the height of popularity of the online multiplayer social deduction title, Among Us, in 2020. With the success of the title, the Twitch star had gained an enormous following as a result of her sweet and colourful on-stream personality.

Recently this week, there were several rumours within her community that TinaKitten would be signing with 100 Thieves. This was later confirmed on Wednesday via the official 100 Thieves’ Twitter account.

While fans may be worried about “#TheEndOfSaladGang” potentially happening, TinaKitten’s addition to the 100 Thieves roster is a welcoming one.

Having amassed over 800,000 followers on Twitch, most of whom tune in to watch TinaKitten play Valorant or just to catch up with her during her Just Chatting streams, it’s easy to understand why her signing with 100 Thieves was justified. Indeed, this is only the beginning for TinaKitten and her career.

Twitch streamer TinaKitten with fellow 100 Thieves content creators
Twitch streamer TinaKitten with fellow 100 Thieves content creators. (Picture: Twitter / 100 Thieves)

Alongside her Twitch presence, TinaKitten has garners an impressive social media following, with over 540,000 on Instagram and 625,000 followers on Twitter, despite the streamer commenting that she tweets at least once a month. Together with 100 Thieves, she will no doubt reach new heights.

Congratulations to TinaKitten. We’re rooting for you!


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Feature image courtesy of Twitter / TinaKitten