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Guilty Gear Strive: Character guide and tips

Arc System Works newest title is currently in its closed beta phase, and you can get a head start with some tips and tricks from the developers themselves.
Guilty Gear Strive: Character guide and tips

UPDATE: We have dedicated guides to more characters, including newcomer Giovanna. Check them out right here

Learning a new fighting game can be a daunting task that might scare off new players right from the get-go. Practicing combos, getting familiar with specific terminology, knowing frame date, and that's just on a surface level.

Arc System Works has made a point of making the learning process more accessible for newcomers, more notably with Dragon Ball FighterZ, adding one button auto combos that high-level players could maximize for crazy strings, while letting lower level players have fun right from the start.

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With ease of access in mind, Guilty Gear Strive is set to be a more streamlined entry in the franchise, with some obscure mechanics being removed.

Arc Sys wants to make sure newcomers have a rewarding experience, continuously updating on the how-tos of characters, here are the basics:

Sol Badguy


The face of Guilty Gear is built around rushing down enemies, maintaining a high tempo since Sol's range isn't the best.

Sol's base projectile helps him deny space and even while blocked, he can air dash or go for the Bandit Revolver to continue the pressure - furthermore, he can cancel it for a nice mix-up.

His Night Raid Vortex helps him with closing distances, as it avoids high profile attacks and leads into some combo routes that players will surely explore during the beta and when the game launches.

Sol Badguy Guilty Gear
Sol Badguy's moveset (Picture: Arc System Works)

Ky Kiske


Sol's biggest rival is Guilty Gear's all rounder, being the perfect pick up and play type of character, and the one most newcomers will want to learn immediately to familiarize themselves with the basics of Strive.

Ky's gimmick is all about Shock State. Certain moves will have this property, and upon hitting the enemy, subsequent Shock State special moves will do more damage.

His easy to use projectiles like Stun Edge -including the Charged attack - are perfect tools to keep a safe distance or go in the offensive combining more Shock State attacks like the midranged Stun Dipper, which forces opponents to block low and could be a perfect mix-up tool.

Ky Kiske Guilty Gear
Ky Kiske's moveset (Picture: Arc System Works) 



May's all about one thing: rushdown. Almost every tool in her arsenal focuses on cutting down the distance with the opponent, with both versions of Mr. Dolphin coming in handy depending on the situation.

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Even if the opponent continues to block the fast-paced pressure of May, she has an unblockable grab, the Overhead Kiss, a high-risk high-reward move that leads into big damaging combos if pulled successfully.

Her quaint looking projectile, Arisugawa Sparkle, has a very important distinction, you can't interrupt it, as once the Dolphin is out, the projectile will launch regardless of May getting hit.

May Guilty Gear Strive
May's moveset (Picture: Arc System Works) 

Axl Low


Axl's a long-ranged character whose bread and butters will revolve around the Sickle Flash, a low chained projectile that cancels opponents and leads into several follow-ups. Soaring Chain Strike, an anti-air extension, Spinning Chain Strike, to catch enemies at close range, and Winter Cherry, a high damaging move that hits at the tip of the chain.

Winter Mantis works as a perfect mix-up once your opponent has caught on to your Sickle Flash patterns.

The Axl Bomber is the only proper closed range move he has at disposal, however, it's only available while jumping, serving as an anti-air option or a strong get-off-me tool.

Axl Lowe Guilty Gear
Axl Low's moveset (Picture: Arc System Works) 


Chipp Zanuff


Chipp's a very slippery and fast character, being one of the few ones in Strive than can still potentially pull out amazing air combos after a general change to how they work thanks to several abilities that can be mixed up in his arsenal.

First off, his Alpha Blade, letting him vanish and appear behind the enemy in quick succession, leading to possible openings as the opponent has to imminently switch where he's blocking.

What really makes Chip interesting it's his Wall Run, as he is able to traverse from the edges of the stage moving upwards while being able to cancel with Alpha Blade, but even better, use regular attacks while wall climbing.

Chipp Guilty Gear
Chipp's moveset (Picture: Arc System Works) 



As Guilty Gear's grappler, it's no surprise he has a varied range of grabs. From the Potemkin Buster, an unblockable high damaging throw with fast startup, to Heat Knuckle, a perfect anti-air tool, and even the Heavenly Potemkin Buster, one his special moves.

That's not all he has up his sleeve, as moves like the backward Mega Fist are posied to be incredible defensive tools as it leaves Potemkin in an advantage state, even if it's blocked.

For cutting distance with the opponent, Hammer Fall is the go-to. Not only does it have super armour, but it can also be cancelled to mix up your opponent.

Potemkin Guilty Gear
Potemkin's moveset (Picture: Arc System Works) 

There is no confirmed date for Guilty Gear Strive's release, with Arc System Works simply confirming it will come out at some point during 2020.