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Guilty Gear Strive adds Ramlethal Valentine to the roster

Arc System Works has revealed Ramlethal Valentine will be returning to the roster for Guilty Gear Strive.
Guilty Gear Strive adds Ramlethal Valentine to the roster

After the title was delayed until next year, developer Arc System Works has showcased a new playable fighter in Guilty Gear Strive. 

Shown as part of IGN’s Summer of Gaming, Ramlethal Valentine was revealed in a new trailer confirming her addition to the roster. 

Ramlethal first appeared as a non-playable boss character in the Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-, and has been a major character in the series since. 

For Guilty Gear Strive, she has a new striking design - with the trailer showing off her move-set as she wields two giant swords using her mind. 

Ramlethal Valentine Guilty Gear Strive
Guilty Gear Strive releases next year (Picture: Arc System Works)


Another character trailer is set to debut in August, with characters confirmed so far including Sol Badguy, Ky Kiske, May, Axl, Chipp Zanuff, Potemkin, Faust, Millia Rage, and Zato-1. 

Guilty Gear Strive was delayed to 2021 following feedback from a closed beta test, with concerns surrounding the lobby system. 

Guilty Gear Strive will release in 2021 on PlayStation 4.