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Smash pro Anti gets dropped by T1 following allegations of sexual misconduct

The accusations came to light against Anti amid a number of victims coming forward with their own stories regarding sexual misbehaviour in the Smash community.
Smash pro Anti gets dropped by T1 following allegations of sexual misconduct

T1, the Korean organisation most commonly known for their League of Legends roster, has announced they will drop Smash Ultimate pro player Jason "Anti" Bates following allegations of sexual misconduct against him.


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(Picture: T1)


The esport organisation tweeted out soon after the alleged victims came forward, stating that there were talks with Anti before making the final decision of cutting all ties with the American player.



“Earlier today we became aware of serious allegations of misconduct involving Jason ‘Anti’ Bates. Following a thorough discussion of the matter with the player, we decided to terminate our relationship with him, effective immediately.” 

Anti, who was the first player T1 signed in the Smash community this past April, protested his innocence in a Twitlonger after he was accused of having sex with a minor. In his statement, he claims to have agreed to a consensual sexual relationship with someone he thought was of age, when in reality, the girl in question was 15-years-old.

“We slept together and eventually hooked up that night, under the pretence that she was of legal age and since that's literally what she told me when I asked her on Tinder I didn't think anything of it.”

He would later add: "All in all, I haven't been involved with any women from Smash for 3+ years now and I deep down have the notion that this is an organized attack on me since most women in this community have beef with me stemming from years back."

The Smash community is amid a heavy turmoil after big figures inside the scene have been outed as sexual predators, including Nairo establishing a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old pro player and caster Keitaro admitting to having sex with an minor.