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Tutorial > Sports game > FIFA 21

FIFA 21: The ultimate beginner and advanced guides

All the tutorials and guides to enjoy FIFA 21 and play it like a pro.

In this FIFA 21 Tutorial page, we give you access to all the best tutorials to learn about FIFA and play the simulation game like a pro.

Here is the complete list of guides and tutorials

FIFA 21 – Beginners Guides



The FIFA 21 Download manual and Beginner guide

To start FIFA 21 on the right foot, follow our FIFA 21 Download and Beginners Guide. From How to Download to How to Launch and Menu details. A starter pack based on your skills.

FIFA21_defend How To Defend in FIFA 21

Master the crucial art of Defense with this How to Defend in FIFA 21 tutorial, including tackling, hard tackling, and sliding.
FIFA21_dribbling How To Dribble like a Pro

Wondering How to Dribble? Learn how to master dribbling in FIFA 21 with this tutorial, including Agile Dribbling, the new way to keep control of the ball.
fifa21_attackingTips Best Attacking Tips in FIFA 21

Learn How to Attack like a pro with our FIFA 21 attacking tutorial, full of tips and advice for you to become a pro.
FIFA21_shooting_finishingguide FIFA 21 Shooting and Finishing guide

Do you want to know how to Take Shots in FIFA 21? Follow our expert advice to master the game in this ultimate guide to Shooting and Finishing.

FIFA 21 Ultimate Celebrations Guide

Find out How to Do all the new and old Celebrations in FIFA 21 via our complete tutorial, including telephone, Arms Out or the Aeroplane.


How to Do Skill Moves in FIFA 21?

Learn how to perform FIFA 21 skill moves with this complete Tutorial including the best tricks to use, online and offline.



How to Use Controls and Buttons in FIFA 21

Learning the controls of FIFA 21 will be key to victory. Here is a detailed look at the controls of the game.



FIFA 21 – Advanced Guides


How to Adjust and Customise the Controller Settings in FIFA 21

Adjust and Customise the Controller Settings in FIFA 21 with this Advanced guide, including settings for crossing, defending, goalkeeping, passing, shooting, sprinting, and switching players



How to Control the Goalkeeper in FIFA 21

How to Control the Goalkeeper in FIFA 21: here is everything You Need to Know about Goalkeeper Controls, from Drop Kick to Drop Ball or Throw/Pass for example.


FIFA21_customTactics_tuto What are the Best Defense and Offense Custom Tactics in FIFA 21?

Follow this Guide to know what the custom tactics are and how to set them up.
FIFA21_fakeShot How to Do Fake Shots in FIFA 21

Learn How to Do a Fake Shot in FIFA 21 with this dedicated guide, covering everything you need to know including normal, running and speed boost variants.
FIFA21_HowToIntercept_tutorial How to Pressure and Intercept the Ball

Defend like a Pro with our FIFA 21 Defense tutorial, teaching you How to Pressure and Intercept the Ball, including contain buttons.
FIFA21_howToSprint_tuto How To Sprint in FIFA 21

This FIFA 21 Sprinting tutorial helps you become a better player, telling you everything about the ins and outs of How To Sprint like a Pro.
FIFA21_howToSprint_tuto FIFA 21: A guide to mastering Directed Pass and Go

The Directed Pass and Go is one of the biggest changes to FIFA 21's gameplay compared to previous iterations. Mastering it is key.